“You’ve got to recognise when the opposition are right on top of you” Keown slams Leno

Martin Keown has slammed Bernd Leno for his role in Burnley’s comical equaliser against Arsenal.

The German goalkeeper passed the ball to Granit Xhaka in a dangerous position and the midfielder failed in his attempt to get the ball to David Luiz.

He hit it straight at Burnley’s target man, Chris Woods and it went into an empty Arsenal goal.

Most fans consider it to be yet another error from their former captain, but Keown thinks Leno is at fault.

He says in the position that Leno and Xhaka were, the German should have hit the ball upfield instead of passing, knowing full well that it was a dangerous place.

He admits that the midfielder made a mistake in his kicking but insisted that Leno should have launched the ball upfield as that is the sensible thing to do because their opponents were obviously around them.

He said on BT Sport as quoted by HITC: “The ball should be launched by the goalkeeper. He plays it in, OK Xhaka gives it away and he shouldn’t, it’s his mistake but don’t give it him. You’ve got to recognise when the opposition are right on top of you. I think Leno should go long there. He doesn’t then the worst nightmare happens and Xhaka gives away yet another goal.”

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  1. thats exactly what.a gk should do….clear the ball instead of passing it to a player whos in a dangerous position

    top gk has to make the right decision at the right time

  2. Are we to believe that this extremely high risk/low reward play was not sanctioned and approved by the Manager on the training pitch?What on earth could be gained from play? It’s like asking the player to swim across river thames just for a pint. Rubbish. And knowing Xhaka’s weaknesses and deficiencies, did we really expect him to pull it off? Let’s stop pointing fingers at the players. It should be very clear to everyone, we simply do not have the players to fit this style of play.

    1. I have never understood the rational of this type of monkeying around in our own 18 area, seeing the number of times we have been punished for such folly!
      Our coach just doesn’t get it!!

  3. This would never have happened if Leno wasn’t so piss-poor kicking the ball up the pitch and if Xhaka had ever learned how to use his right foot…truly pathetic

    1. Agree, just list him for the transfer window and get Martinez back. If that is too difficult sign Matt. Leno joins the list of legendary AFC GKs like Almunia, Fabiansky, Vito Mannone, Ospina

      1. Bernd Leno, as goal keeper, has the best view downfield and in the penalty area. Notwithstanding the fact that Xhaka called for the ball, Leno must show judgement and discretion to not play the ball to a player in a worse position.
        The ball can be played long surely when that is the safest option.

      2. Leno really costed us the game… AUBAMEYANG did his best but some of brainless goalkeeper decided to fool around with it instead of clearing the ball from danger area

    2. If fans know the limitations of Xhaka, how is it that Leno who plays with him doesn’t?Leno must use his brains as a golkeeper ,he is good with his hands and terrible with his feet.

      1. Teams already know that Arsenal play from the back with a golkeeper who is pathetic with the ball at his feet ,this is why Bunley equalized when we were dominating the game by simply waiting for the inevitable mistake.

  4. Leno caused us that game with his lackadaisical approach most especially when enemy is lurking behiy for an error to be committed. He is not very good with his legs when it comes to ball play from rear. A professional in his status should know when to avoid silly mistakes that caused us 3 valid points. I blame him and not xhaka. He knew that xhaka was backing an opponent and should have cleared out instead of putting him under pressure. This will definitely cause us a place in Europa. The coach should tell him to stop this style of his. Poor foot work and most times perimeters within the goal area. This could be an impending time bomb in days to come if not cautioned. Martinez our former keeper does better with his legs than Leno. Leno should learn better to curb this unnecessary mistakes.

  5. Leno has poor awareness. Lots of times he chooses to pass the ball in a risky situation. Arteta needs to remind him or else, give some chance Ryan.

  6. It’s so sad, further this is not happening for the first time. Our players are psychologically strong & the coach has no strategy to win big. Now the complaint is a penalty, yet the match should have been rapped 4 nil in the first half. Our players play as if they are doing somebody a favor. There’s poor professionalism.

    For our coach, he dreams that Willian will have a big match one day, the guy can only play for 30mins & no more. I can’t understand that he is played for 70 mins & Pepe is played for 20 mins, yet Pepe creates 5 chances in 20 mins & Willian nothing.

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