Will Arsenal ever meet the asking price for Zaha?

All the Arsenal rumours at the moment seem to be centred on the possible move of Wilfried Zaha to the Emirates, with the only stumbling block appearing to be on the two clubs agreeing a fee. According to David Ornstein, Palace were not happy with our opening bid. He said on the BBC: Crystal Palace have been left incensed by Arsenal’s approach to sign Ivory Coast winger Wilfried Zaha.

The Gunners have offered £40m, which will not even be considered.

Palace value Zaha at around £80m and are furious with Arsenal for what they believe to be a ham-fisted attempt to destabilise the Ivorian and secure a cut-price deal.

But Zaha’s brother, Judicael, has also pleaded with Palace to reach an agreement with Arsenal. ‘It is my brother’s dream to play for Arsenal,’ he said. ‘Given all that Wilfried has given to Crystal Palace, I hope Palace will see their way to agreeing a deal with Arsenal.’

It is difficult to see Palace selling at anything below the asking price, especially as their Billionaire owners are in talks to sell the club, with Miti Tiyapairat, ex-president of Thai club Chiangrai United, claiming to be in talks with Palace.

“Currently, there are negotiations about price, management, and some other details, which should be ironed out soon. The deal is about £150 million,” Tiyapairat told the One31 TV network.

Considering the Eagles sold Wan-Bissaka to Man United for 50 million, and expecting at least the same for Zaha, that price could not be for full control of the club, but it will be enough to pay for the estimated £100m stadium redevelopment of adding more than 8,000 seats to the stadium, which will increase the value of the club as well.

There are obviously a lot of factors in play regarding this possible transfer, but the most obvious one is that Palace will definitely not be selling Zaha on the cheap….

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  1. No, they won’t. It’s a stunt for the kit sales. Also, Zaha’s not worth that much and I hope CP are only slapping the ridiculous price tag to veer off any interest in the lad.

    1. It would depend on our player sales

      The video in the article shows that his tricks, pace and skills are on a par with Ronaldo’s, Hazard’s and Dembele’s

      He is definitely very talented, but we had better chase an RW like Pepe or Chukwueze if we have to pay more than 50 M

    2. How do you come to the conclusion that it’s a stunt for the shirt sales?

      Thos who have bought shirts, would certainly not have put his name on the back of them, were going to buy them anyway, so what’s your point.

      As for Palace being furious, who cares?
      We have had this kind of thing done to our players for years, where clubs like manure, barca, madrid etc have said how our players would fit in anf they would be welcomed with open arms.

      At least this side of the transfer saga seems to be showing some change, now we just need to get deals over the line.

      I would suggest that the asking price is ridiculous and the most we should think of paying is around the £55,000,000 mark anyway.

      I also wonder what his salary demands might be?

  2. No way will be pay what Crystal Meth want.

    Looking at the video above of Zaha I cannot understand why he is called a diver when it`s plain to see he was fouled every time .

    1. That video doesn’t show his dives

      But he also a highly talented winger and I agree that Palace ask too much for an attacker that has never been a top scorer or creator in EPL

        1. No they all do NOT Sue. LAZY thinking by you trying, but wrongly, to lump all PREM players together. You are saying they are all cheats and that is nonsense and unhelpful to proper debate. It used to, outrageously but commonly, be said that all black players were lazy, so I hope you see where this sort of “lumping all together as one” type thinking leads. Using emojis as you do, is difficult to understand. Your emoji is winking, as though either you think your own comment funny OR you don’t believe what you are writing. Why not instead simply state clearly what you actually mean!

    2. Two truths, well spoken! No way is Zaha a diver; he is the most fouled player in the Prem along with Hazard. The other truth is he will NOT be coming to Arsenal. Lets move on to realistic topics please.

  3. We don’t need this player. 40m is even a total waste. Is it because he played in epl. He can’t even get into poor Ivory Coast ?? team I have seen in a while.!Can he give us what Hazard gave Chelsea for 8 years and fetch us he got them. Palace want 10m pounds less than what real paid Chelsea for Hazard that is more than twice him and more than what we paid for Laca and Pea. Fans are drooling over him. Sue this is where you come in?. I can bet my life on fans calling him garbage 6 months in. This guy is not good all he has strength and some dives. He does have goals in him and his decision making is slightly better than that of Iwobi. We can get a good, younger strong, technically better player with pace out of epl for that money out side epl. Recently concluded euro under 21 has some of them, Brazil’s Everton is a good option. Chelsea got Harzad at that age, city got Sane, Sterling at that age, Pool got Mane at similar age, one is wasting away in manu, Martia. Please Arsenal leave Zaha alone. He will be 27 and has not done anything worth 40m.

      1. Sue, This is in reply to your post to mine about you claiming all players dive. YOU THEN GO ON TO SAY THIS IS RIGHT AND PROPER AND ASSUME THAT WERE I A PLAYER, I WOULD ALSO CHEAT BY DIVING. How little you actually know about honesty and living by principles. I find your unthinking mass accusations of all players incredibly daft and unthinking. Your attitude fosters and supports, in its silliness, all that is wrong with those who DO dive, of which there are certainly too many. Happily though, far from all or even a majority.

        1. Jon.. just to try & explain what I mean.. and bear with me if I do use emojis (as I know you don’t like them, but I do)
          Earlier I said everyone dives, ok then maybe not quite everyone, but I’d say more than not!! Having watched a lot of football (not just Arsenal) you only have to blow on some men & they go down like they’ve been shot! Even the biggest of men (like Sokratis) go down, with the faintest of touches… you can’t deny that!! I’m just going by what I’ve witnessed over the years… if certain players are happy to cheat, then that’s up to them.. but if we were awarded a penalty, we probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid, but if it was given against us, there’d be uproar!! But next season VAR should put a stop to it..but by posting my Sokratis comment, I didn’t mean for you to have a meltdown ?

  4. I really hope this goes through .hes so far ahead of iwobi I’m all aspects of his game it’s embarrassing .
    Dream team with him laca and auba upfront .

    1. Iwobi is really giving you nightmares. What is the relationship between Iwobi and the article?

      1. Nifty, amazing isn’t it? Oh let the table turn, for two years it was Ozil, every article that gets posted, people drag out Ozil.
        An article about England versus France football game gets posted, Ozil somehow gets dragged into it to be blasted.
        Oh well I guess it’s Iwobi’s turn, not that I have anything against Iwobi.
        But he’s still young, so he should brace himself and fans should brace themselves too..
        Giroud the lampost is gone
        Ramsey the Headless chicken is gone
        Ozil the lazy player is still here but most fans are coming to the terms that we are stuck with him
        Iwobi, I guess is the next victim…
        it’s fair if you ask me, but what do I know?

        1. Know what you mean Ed`…………..I was playing Hungry Hungry Hippo with the grandkids when Ozil was brought up !…..the police were called in !

        1. That’s why I mentioned iwobi because he will be dropped ,so yea the article does have something to do with ukm

          1. Iwobi might not get dropped, instead, actually played in his preferred position in the middle, which is currently occupied by the fraud that is Ozil. Zaha would most likely replace Auba on LW, as Auba would have to be sold to afford Zaha, especially given Auba only has 2 years left on his contract.

            I would be stunned if we got Zaha, and also manage to keep Aubb, and Laca.

          2. You actually think iwobi will be played through the middle?have you seen him play through the middle ?i would suggest you do before you make a comment like that again .
            Don’t know what’s worse fans who think he can play through the middle or fans that actually want him in the squad playing that postition .??‍♂️

          3. No I have barely seen Iwobi play through the middle at Arsenal, because if have been watching the games, you’ll notice he almost never plays there. But if Willock can out perform Ozil in a European final, then I am pretty confident Iwobi could do even better. Hopefully we’ll get someone better than Iwobi, and we can use him as squad player.

            What Iwobi does for Nigeria in the middle is completely irrelevant, as it’s a different team, team mates, tactics, formations, etc. Down the years so many top players look brilliant for club, terrible at International level, and vise versa.

            I don’t expect you to answer me Dan kit, because EVERY TIME I challenge you on a subject, you come up with no argument, but I’ll try again. Who is a better option right now at Arsenal for the CAM role, and why, when/if Emery uses that position next season?

          4. Well it’s not iwobi that’s for sure
            It’s not who plays there it’s who emery picks in CM behind ,emery got it so wrong last season that’s why we missed out on top 4 .

  5. No way because he’s not worth it. £50 million tops.
    Oh, and ignore Ornstein, he’s a know nothing clickbait jorno.

  6. No no no, Zaha does not worth it at all. How much did De jong the highest scorer in the just concluded Dutch league cost Ath. Madrid – £20m, and the deal already signed and dusted. What exactly is going on that those saddled with the job of recruiting the right players for Arsenal are always sleep walking and bemused? This thing is not just all about how much money we have rather having the right personnel that knows what we want, what to do and doing it decisively in time. For one whole month now Arsenal have neither really bought their desired players nor sold any of their underperforming ones. It’s becoming very dreadful, oh no I can’t stand seeing Nancho Monreal/ Kolasiniac, Mavro/Koscienly and Mustarfi manning our defense tbh. These men will never stop making mess of all efforts the men are putting in at the front and nothing demoralizes/discourages as that, it takes the steam off them and kills the team spirit.

  7. That’s a ridiculous amount Palace want,he’s not worth anywhere near that… but I still hope we end up with him ?

    1. Sue, Babe I wonder if you’ll break up with Kolasinac once Zaha end up an Arsenal player??

  8. Zaha would be a welcomed addition on the wings but CP evaluation
    of the IC international is beyond ridiculous.

    Consider the following players AFC could sign for far less.

    Douglass Costa
    Leon Bailey
    Nicholas Pepe
    Kingsley Koman
    Ismalia Sarr
    Dre Mertens
    David Neres
    H Ziyech
    Ryan Fraser

    and the list goes on and on and on…

    I would gladly take Fekir, Saliba and Kierney for that same lump

  9. I don’t know why we are still talking about Zaha, he totally blew his chance at Man U (a big club) and went back to CP (a small club) and started to look good again. What does that tell you? Even £40m is a joke.

    If the rumours are correct and we have offered our total budget for an iffy winger I fear that the hierarchy have lost there marbles. Our first priority is strengthening our defence which has been our main problem for at least the last 5 years and I am sure Emery realises that but maybe he hasn’t got the same power that AW had. Our record on buying defenders is abysmal, Squillaci, Senderos, Cygan, Mustafi etc. (AW) Lichsteiner and Sokratis (UE) and our scouting record even worse.

    I can see a few years of drift and very limited success ahead of us unless there is a change ownership, which is unlikely in the short term.

    1. The thing about Zaha right now is his confidence level.. He plays with same confidence against any team.
      There’s no player in arsenal at the moment that comes close to doing what he does.. So if we can get him for £50- £55. It would be a welcome addition

  10. A) Saha is NOT worth’s price B) it’s a stunt for shirt sales and to at least appear as if we are missing out on big name players by a hairs breadth c) although he’d fit well within our sqaud he’s no superstar.
    With only 45 million to spend I’d hazard a guess that we’ll buy two unknowns and that should be it.
    More importantly we need to loose the likes of mustafi and granit as they are both a liability.

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