Saka hails Zinchenko and Jesus for giving Arsenal “that winning mentality”

The Gunners have returned! There have been many explanations for Arsenal’s strong performance this year, but the Zinchenko-Jesus addition is one that cannot be discounted. Thanks, Pep! You are the one who “planned” Arsenal’s comeback.

By the conclusion of the 2021–22 campaign, Arsenal was far from capable of mounting a title challenge. But after the shrewd acquisition of Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, they went from merely respecting league schedules to being heavy favourites to win the league championship.

Many people have argued that Pep made a mistake by allowing Zinchenko and Jesus to join Arsenal, thus strengthening his main competitors. Recently, Bukayo Saka notably rubbed it in Pep’s face when he said as quoted by the Mirror, “Zinchenko has brought quality, but he’s brought so much more. You can see how he plays and how he controls the game. He’s an outstanding player. He has great leadership qualities, so he’s really helping us on all fronts.

“They (Zinchenko and Jesus) have brought that winning mentality to us as players who have been there and won the league. In difficult moments, they know how it feels, they can encourage us because we have a lot of young players. They really help us with the mental side of things.”

With 10 games remaining and an 8-point lead at the top of the league standings, Arsenal must not only go forward performing at their peak, but also maintain their composure under pressure if they want to win the Premier League.

There is no way for Arsenal to fail with Jesus and Zinchenko’s expertise.

Sam P

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  1. Add Ilkay Gundogan to Jesus and Zinchenko and we might be saying Pepe Guardiola plans our defense of the big jug too.

    But not so fast as nothing is done yet, the purchase of Jesus and Zinchenko have no doubt gave us that little venom in our bold attempt to wrestle away that big mug

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