Zinchenko earns a FIFPRO award nomination for Ukraine war activism

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been nominated for a FIFPRO award in recognition of his ongoing activism concerning Russia’s invasion of his homeland, Ukraine.

The left-back has emerged as a prominent and vocal figure, openly discussing the war in Ukraine and using his platform to address various individuals and governmental bodies.

Zinchenko has fearlessly supported his country while maintaining a high level of performance on the pitch for both his club and national team.

His activism has earned him a nomination for the 2023 FIFPRO Merit Awards, specifically in the categories of Activism, Impact, and Voice. The winners will be honored during the annual general assembly in South Africa on Thursday, November 23, according to the announcement on the FIFPRO website.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Zinchenko has done very well in creating awareness about his country’s plight and he is one of the few players who have continued to speak about the Ukraine-Russia war.

He is a hero in his country and we are proud of his sense of responsibility, which he has not allowed to affect his performances on the pitch.

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  1. Let’s hope that Russia don’t threaten to boycott our games on the TV, otherwise I can see a statement coming out condemning players for airing their political views!!

  2. Was my comment removed? If yes the classless of you to remove my comment because it doesn’t align with your bias

      1. PAT while entirely accepting your point, “Arsenal , Just Arsenal” I remember a time some year ago when you stuck RIGIDLY to articles only about Arsenal .
        Thankfully, as we long term regulars will all know, you have long ago relaxed that insular former rigidity, as you and we realise Arsenal cannot possibly exist in a vacuum!

        Right now, I am in the finishing stages of an article I will send in later today, hopefully for publication tomorrow, about the Everton ten point deduction, which alhough it includes Arsenal, along with all other top clubs, is NOT MOSTLY ABOUT US at all.
        But it is about ALL football fans and talks more generally about the whole topic, widely too.

        1. Yes football outside Arsenal is happily accepted but talking about contentious religion and political issues is too much for this forum. We have readers from every race country and creed on here and that is crossing a big line for me. We ate unified by our love for Arsenal…

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