Zinchenko has become a managers dream using Arsenal’s tactics

Is Zinchenko one of the world’s best Inverted fullbacks?

Oleksandr Zinchenko in my opinion could be one of the world’s best inverted fullbacks. With back-to-back impressive performances for Arsenal this season, he seemed to be everywhere you looked.

Zinchenko, who is one of our best players, has really impressed me this season so far, playing the inverted fullback role for Arteta, suits his game play completely. Linking up well with both new signings Declan Rice and Leandro Trossard, our left wing has looked composed but dangerous.

Constantly winning back possession and breaking the line through the middle, Zinchenko might be one our most important players this season. With experience in the Champions League, starting him on Wednesday night against PSV in our return to The Champions League, was a no brainer for me, bringing confidence from the moment the whistle blew, he looked in complete control against PSV.

For a player who floats into the midfield when in possession, he also has the ability to track back fast to his original position, clearing the line and helping out in defence as well as bringing the ball forward to attack. He always seems to be involved in the build up of our goals, working well in the middle of the pitch with Rice and Odegaard, being used as extra support for our midfielders.

Zinchenko seems like a managers dream, he listens and does whatever he’s told to, without any complaints, and understands exactly what’s being asked of him, bringing leadership and passion to Arteta’s Arsenal side. Since joining from Manchester City last year, when fit, he’s been outstanding.

With Arteta known to try play around with formations, Zinchenko will be the perfect player to have on the pitch to help implement the boss’ plans. After just a year at Arsenal the 26-years-old has been incredible in the red and white. Arguably one of the best fullbacks in the league to play in the inverted role, Arsenal looks to have a hidden gem on their hands.

Arsenal fans will be hoping we see many more years of Zinchenko at the Emirates, a clear fan favourite and a key player for this Arsenal side moving forward.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? How impressed have you been with Zinchenko so far this season?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I also believe he’s one of the best inverted-LBs in the world, because he’s so good in tight spaces and at playmaking in the deep-midfield area

    If he gets injured, I think we’ll have an attacking setback, because Tomiyasu and Kiwior tend to play safe

    1. If Zichenko get injured it’s all about the coach adapting the players to his tactics. We won against Palace without Zichenko and a few games last season without him. But we hope for no long injuries to major players.

    2. Arteta would switch the invert to RB.

      He tends to play one or the other inverted and not both, at the start of the season when Zinny was injured Partey inverted from RB and the LB played a standard role

      1. Arteta did use inverted-RB at the end of last season, but he seemed to use double-inverted-fullback tactic with Timber and Partey in Community Shield and our first EPL game this season

  2. Yes the Ukrainian has been immense for us, that added body in midfield has allowed us to dictates and dominate games.

    Ironically Tierney help Real Sociedad put on a colossal performance against the Italian giants last night, Inter Millan was pin back in their half for the entire time the Scottish was on the pitch, restricting them to not a single shot on target.
    With an accuracy of 81% Tierney won all ground duels, and was not disposed of the ball for the entire time he was on the pitch leaving fans wondering how on earth did they get him on loan.

    1. I’m still wondering how on earth did we let him go on loan. Hope either Zinc will have an injury free season or Timber will come back earlier than expected

  3. He is superb but I like the way that Arteta tends to sub him with about fifteen minutes to go. The problem with the inverted role is that it is very tiring trying to be in two places as once – midfielder in attacking phases and a defender when we do not have the ball. Zinchenko was even off the pitch when it was 1-1 with Man It’d, even though we needed the winner we were vulnerable to the breakaway. Tomi is the ideal man to come in for him.

  4. “Defending” and “Zinchenko” are far from synonymous, as he is the weakest of our defenders by far.

    That said, he has been excellent so far this season, and has shown a real presence when we are in possession. I only cringe when we face the bigger clubs and I see Zinchenko as the inverted fullback.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Why people think it has miraculously changed from last year, without any evidence is beyond me. No complaints so far but last season was fine, til squeaky bum time.

  5. Zinchenko’s defensive weaknesses have been pointed out repeatedly but this season I think he’s done relatively well defensively. I don’t remember him being troubled as much 1v1 so far this season for ground duels. Another underrated attribute of his is aerial ability. He always seems to win most of his headers despite not being the tallest.As an inverted LB,I think he’s the best there is in the world.I always liken him to Trent(not play style-wise but in terms of their unique skillsets that make them integral to their teams despite not being elite at defending). Players like them are just too good to be left out of the team despite their flaws. Their positive contributions far outweigh the negatives and the only thing that can be done is use set-ups that minimize the impacts of the negatives.

  6. I would have been more confident if Timber didn’t get injured earlier this season. At least, he would have provided the much needed equally good backup/alternative for Zinchenko and White. Hope he comes back fast and healthy. Partey too needs to be back as option for Rice. Games are getting thicker early of the season now.

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