Zlatan and Henry wants this Arsenal transfer to happen – Does Wenger?

Zlatan Ibrahimovich will not cost Arsenal single penny in transfer fees if Arsene Wenger were to sign the brilliant Swedish international in the summer, as his contract with the French champions PSG is due to run out at the end of the season if PSG do not renew it and they are apparently looking to sign a new star. Also the 34-year old has apparently let it be known that he fancies a stint in the English Premier League, so….

Zlatan is a winner and so it would have to be one of the big EPL clubs. No problem there, as long as we do not completely mess up and finish outside the top four, but Wenger never has before and surely will not break that run this year. One former Arsenal striker has urged the boss to make this transfer happen, as Thierry Henry has been reported by Metro saying that the Swede would be an ideal summer signing for the Gunners.

Henry said, “I hear that Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants to come.

“I think a lot will depend on if we finish in the top four, are we going to make the Champions League and attract that sort of player?

“You know that Zlatan can do a job and N’Golo Kante can do a job for us – I’m sure Leicester fans will be upset with what I said.

“But those are the kind of guys that we know about that we must try and get.”

And if we try then we are likely to succeed according to The Telegraph which is reporting that Ibrahimovic has privately expressed a desire to play for Arsenal. So then we are back to whether Wenger wants him in north London. His undoubted ability would surely give our title hopes a boost but there are a couple of reasons for me to suspect the prof would not be too keen.

The player’s ego is one and Wenger has often spoke about dressing room harmony. Another is his famous wage structure. Zlatan might be available on a free but you can bet he would demand a massive salary and want to be the club’s top paid star. Will these two things prove to be a deal breaker and if so, would Wenger be right?


  1. Well if wenger makes an offer he cant refuse than maybe. A sandwich and some wornout pants might do the job. gogogogog wenger.

  2. Yeh, no need for a proven WC goal scorer who has played and been a success internationally when we can pay Theo £140K a week instead.

    IF Wenger had any sense he would have already secured the deal over a phone call as soon as he got whisper of his interest to come to the PL.!

    But, I did say If!

    1. What a 34 yr old be like Rosicky and Arteta at that age every thing is worn out . Do me a favour what’s got into you people, put up any thing for a chat CB

      1. He practices Martial arts and as a consequence has high level of fitness (recovery, stamina and power). He also just proved against a Chelsea team in the CL that even at his age he is still more skillful, clinical and creative than our entire front line.

        The guy is WC and can more than help us for a season!

    2. You are not allowed to get in touch officially with a player under contract. As far as I am aware Ibra is still under contract until June.

      1. If a player has a contract that finishes in the summer, they are allowed to talk to other clubs from January the 1st, but you can only talk to clubs in the same League you are playing in from June.

  3. does ibra have anything left in those legs? will be 35… not feeling it yet, but no doubt need a striker, but an 6-8 year striker

  4. I think we better go after Aubomayang and put a good offer they cant refuse or even attack barca again for suarez never know what my happen if there is a will there is a way

  5. I see Zlatan as a far more skilled Giroud without the work ethic. He’s not going to run in behind defenders but he can be huge for the build up play and a beast in the box.

    His wages and attitude are the obvious problems but i wouldn’t mind having him in the red and white.

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