Zlatan waiting for Arsenal before accepting Man Utd transfer?

There really is no way of knowing what is really going on behind the scenes at a football club when it comes to potential transfer deals, and it is not just the Arsenal boss who works very hard to keep his cards close to his chest and the media just guessing about his plans.

Arsene Wenger does seem to be something of a specialist at it though, so really anything could be on the cards for Arsenal this summer. With the news that the Gunners have already made an offer big enough to trigger the release clause of Jamie Vardy, it is clear that at least one striker is on the Frenchman’s transfer wish list.

But after the Leicester City and England star headed off to Euro 2016 without making a decision about whether to sign for Arsenal, we do not know if Vardy will be the man. Knowing Wenger he will surely have other options and I wonder if one of them is the Sweden international Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Things have been a bit odd around Zlatan recently, as he had promised to make a big announcement about his future yesterday and so all the papers were sure that he was going to confirm his move to Man United. But instead Sky Sports reported the Swede saying we would have to be patient.

The timing of all this could back up my theory that he might be waiting to see if Arsenal want him. Maybe Wenger went for Vardy first, perhaps because he is five years younger than Ibrahimovic, a lot cheaper on the salary front and almost certainly less of an ego to contend with. But if Vardy were to say no then maybe the prof would bite the bullet and go for Zlatan.

Is it really so hard to believe that the striker would prefer a move to London than Manchester, with Arsenal being able to offer Champions League football and on previous season’s showings, a better chance of winning the Premier League?

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  1. Zlato is waiting for his contract to run down before saying anything. He don’t want to miss out on that 4mil…

  2. Let’s spare ourselves disappointment and not look too much into something that may mean a thousand things. If Ibra joins Arsenal with his astronomical wages then Wenger is definitely going all or nothing.

    1. More like joke of the Month to me.

      I seems like only liverpool are chasing our dear Higuin, how comes?? Let’s go and take him back home because he has already passed a medical at least once.

  3. Zlatan is just waiting 3 more weeks to get his loyalty bonus from PSG. It’s all done & dusted at Man Utd don’t do unnecessary speculations like this it will wind up all sorts of guillible people.

    It’s made clear that Arsenal’s striker eggs are all in the Vardy-basket at the moment. I’m sure they’ll start looking at alternatives in the meantime but Zlatan won’t be one of them.

  4. Zlatan waiting for Arsenal???????


    Yes, he is waiting because we are Barcelona!!
    God help us,thank God the Euros starts on Friday, a welcome distraction….

  5. lmfao…it seems there’s no worthy article to write so ur tryn ur hands at comedy…BTW, dat will never happen…I guess this vardy deal brings out our “inner humour”.lol

  6. OT:
    Man U have confirmed the signing of Bailly for 30m,that makes it 60m+ for him and Shaw alone..in the defence for that matter….

    You can bet they are only just starting,that is just a warm up!
    Now they lead the race to sign Paul Pogba….


  7. he did say the club he ll join will be a surprise to every one few weeks ago.. so I’m not ruling him out.
    but Vardy’s pace gives him that edge.

    either way Arsenal just need a reliable striker that can finish Ozil’s created chances.

  8. When Vardy say no, who we get? Huiggin to Liverpools, Lewandobski to Real Madrids. Aubumoyang to Men City = Champions. WORRY!!!!!

  9. I can see him preferring London. London is the capital after all, anybody who’s anybody usually lives in London, with the size of this guy’s ego, I could well believe it. Money will talk in the end, also, I don’t think he’ll move anywhere were he sees success out of reach.

    The Mkhitaryan rumour is the one which has me most excited at the moment. I really hope it’s true that he prefers us over che, but there’ll be some more suitors I’m sure of it. Alexis Ozil and Mkh, wow, would absolutely love it. It would probably mean that it sometimes pays to have a high consistency getting CL football. If Mkh joins, other players must look at that and think, look at those midfielders, AFC are building something here, and now they want me, brilliant stuff.

  10. Zlata as usual likes making news.Therefore we are not surprised that all papers were today waiting for his announcement. But I beleive he is not joining our Arsenal since our ” Prof” is not intrested in him.
    But he is a kind of striker we should be crying for.

    1. Well, I didn’t want him at Arsenal, but if Vardy is the other option I’d rather have Zlatan (not that it’s going to happen).

      As for Vardy, we should withdraw our offer immediately, he’s had one good season, in his first 3 seasons at Leicester he scored 26 goals in 106 appearances, he’s too old, and his diving drives me mad. Add to this his completely different playing style, and is he the quality of player to convince Ozil and Sanchez that we’re serious enough to challenge for major trophies, I say “no” on all fronts.

      Jamie Vardy!! Jesus H Christ!

  11. If, as many have suggested ,Vardy is a bit long in the tooth how do they justify Ibrahimovic?

    It`s a bit early in `the window` for Wenger but it won

  12. I got kicked out before I had finished…sorry! `as I was saying it won`t be the first time Wenger has made an early signing then he run out of steam.`
    There doesn`t seem much news on the exit side of the window, like Walcott and company, so unless Wenger makes some room (and some money) Xhaka may be it. Talking of Theo, if he can find a club willing to fork out 120K a week in wages he should take it.

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