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Arsenal score ONE out of every ten shots!

As long as I keep shooting, one is bound to go in.” – Alberto Gilardinho.

The Italian striker’s philosophy that the more shots you take, the more goals you will score. Not quite, Alberto.

Fantasy football game have released the shots to goals ratios of every Premier League club so far this season.

Leading the way are Leicester City who have been the most efficient team in front of goal thanks to the exceptional form of attacking duo Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez.

Vardy’s 12 goals have come from 48 shots giving the 28-year-old a conversion rate of 25 per cent. While Mahrez has enjoyed a conversion rate of 21 per cent, scoring seven goals from 34 shots.

Oulala’s stats show that the Foxes boast an overall shot conversion rate of 14.3 per cent, scoring 25 goals from 175 shots. Just 0.1 per cent behind Leicester are West Ham with a shot conversion of 14.2 per cent.

Manchester City and Arsenal have had the most shots in the Premier League this season with 221 attempts each. However the pair can only manage fifth and tenth in the table with 11.8 and 10 per cent respectively.
Newcastle have attempted the fewest shots this season with 116. They sit in sixth place after netting 13 goals, a shot conversion rate of 11.2 per cent.

The most wasteful club has been Liverpool. The Reds have scored just 13 goals from 184 shots, a conversion rate of just 7.1 per cent.

Liverpool’s shot conversion rate was 4.8 per cent in their opening eight games under Brendan Rodgers scoring just three goals from 62 shots. The Reds efficiency has improved significantly under new manager Jürgen Klopp thanks to 10 goals from 122 shots. Their conversion rate has risen to 8.2 per cent in their last four games.

Giroud – 36 shots, 6 goals = 17%
Walcott – 26 shots, 2 goals = 8%

Russell Cane

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal score ONE out of every ten shots!

    1. Tas

      January is just around the corner with transfer window opening, i have ordered my rotten tomatoes and baseball bat ready for management bashing hope you guys are ready for the AW finally, will give a team jersey if we get the correct signing if yes i would like to be the first to say “NO BUY” admin remember i was first if i win i want ” Messi” and the No “lOl” on the back of my wining jersey

    2. SoOpa AeoN

      arsenal gotta be the most fearful of teams in terms of shot taking!……….. Seriously who takes the most shot in our team currently?

        1. GoonerLad

          Rambo scores when he plays in the centre though, on the right his job is to link the holding mids with the attacking mids. One of the main reasons Bayern overran our midfield when we lost

  1. 007

    And Girould misses at least 6 of those ten shots per game… Just kidding but you know what I mean.

    Really wish Santi could get back his scoring form in that new role his playing, its been a while since we last saw the Carzola special long range shot! Ozil should pick up some goals too. He shoots less but when he does he either scores or hits the target which should motivate him.

    Sadly our right wing has probably scored the least goals, even our defense has scored more. Creating chances has not been a problem especially with brilliant Bellarine running the show there, just wish the attacker deployed there can add goals too. Cant wait for Welbz to get back and see what role he will take up in our new 11.

    1. admin Post author

      Actually the stats for our two strikers are:
      Giroud – 36 shots, 6 goals = 17%
      Walcott – 26 shots, 2 goals = 8%

  2. Jim A

    Shot conversion is such a non stat. If you are forcing a keeper to make saves you are putting pressure on the other team but most importantly the keeper who you are facing will get weary from handling so many shots. I’d rather have 15 shots in a game and convert 1 than 2 shots and convert 1.

  3. Gigi2

    It’s a world Stat. The more you try even if you Re not good the more chances will be converted.
    Maybe different proportions depending on how good u r but still the same principle.

  4. Khontoll Ngaceng

    I think this news will increase our shot ratio then:
    Ox is 80-90% as of three days ago. Return imminent.
    Walcott set to return by end of November.
    Wilshere is “pencilled in” to come back ahead of Christmas.
    Welbeck uncertain.


    1. GoonerLad

      Lol Wilshere shouldn’t even be mentioned. Arsene should save him for February when our players will be tired

  5. Twig

    “The most wasteful club has been Liverpool”

    That’s probably due to Coutinho. He tries a lot of speculative shots (I wish Santi still does that) and he has been rewarded by a number of memorable goals.

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