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Henry happy with Arsenal’s 2nd away cup draw

The former Arsenal goal scoring star Thierry Henry was clearly delighted to see the Gunners win the latest north London derby and get through to the next round of the Capital One cup. And after getting through a pretty tough away draw in our first game, Arsenal and Henry were glad to see us drawn against a Championship side in Sheffield Wednesday. Hopefully we will play on Tuesday so they have no advantage.

It could still be a tricky tie for Arsenal as the Owls did just knock Premier League Newcastle out, but after getting through the north London derby when we were on for three defeats in a row, everyone who follows Arsenal will be feeling a huge sense of relief and some renewed optimism for the weeks ahead.

As long as Arsenal keep going from this game and get back on track, the next round of the league cup will not be too important anyway and Arsene Wenger will probably then play some kids and if we get through, we get through, but it will not be a crucial game.

It should definitely be another start for our star of the show tonight as well, and with Mathieu Flamini in the mood and with a point to prove, who is to say that a weakened Arsenal could not make it all the way to Wembley? So is Henry right to be happy with Arsenal getting Sheffield Wednesday away in the next round?

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18 thoughts on “Henry happy with Arsenal’s 2nd away cup draw

    1. mohawk

      For a COC match vs. a lower division club you would have to believe that Wenger will start at least Flamini, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers and Ospina again – probably Giroud and Arteta also. Who will join them?

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      1. Harshil

        Flamini has to start without a doubt. As Coquelin is out, we have only Flamini and Arteta and you want Arteta to start over Flamini?

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  1. Greg

    Leicester city is the team that wont go away! When we visit the king power stadium at the weekend, we got to play well and dig deep, if we want to walk away with 3 points!

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  2. Gigi2

    It’s a priori good news yes . After there are all the circumstances.
    But I backup Titi s happiness

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  3. mohawk

    Often times attacking players revert to playing a deeper role as they get older.

    Flamini may be on the opposite path. Could he find some limited success in a more attacking role in his final years?

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  4. Goonsquad8

    I’m so happy for Mathieu the guy must feel on top of the world right now. I say start him against Leicester!

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  5. dennis4ever

    Happy we won. Happy for Flamini. More frustration with our strikers.

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  6. deejay1952

    Its worth going with flamini on saturday with coq (if fit) on the bench for an hours more rest.. on for the last half hour

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  7. davidnz

    Amazing how all the top
    teams avoided each other
    in the 4th Round.
    Means they will be playing
    twice a week till March minimum
    with COC , European, League and FA Cup.
    This will test the depth of each squad.
    January strengthening may be required.

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  8. Onochie

    Let us not undermine any team in any competition,as for the weekend game,I really hope Le Coq starts,but if he’s not fit,we have no option than to go with Flamini which would be hopefully good for us considering he still has more points to prove. Giroud really should work hard but I will start with Walcot

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  9. Okayblack

    No need for Giroud to work hard, he’s in no pressure to. He’s got his brother Arsene as d boss. No matter how hard Giroud works, he can’t be Arsenal quality. Thus guy isn’t good enough for the Arsenal. Wenger loves mediocrity!!!!
    Wenger Out, Giroud Out!
    Yes Thumb me down….

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  10. the coach

    Menh I’d still luv flamini to play but I don’t want him to replace coq. Let him ply same position. Replace cazola mayb Ramsey drops deep. Let him move all around d pitch doing all dem dirty tins. And for cazola he is good no doubth but it does not end in passing and drinbling

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  11. the coach

    Cazola has to learn to b a box to box player. When Ramsey played at that position a full season he got goals cuz u have the opportunity to giv the defence a surprise visit. Buh instead him and ozil sits outside the box and all bilive its a strikers work. Another is yaya you’re. That’s exactly where he plays. He jst comes with a surprise
    U can see the rebound of flamini. No body could mark him cuz it was jst a run from the midfield they did not knw where he came from. Cazola should learn to enter inside the 18 yard box more and more. Instead of always biliving in their passing.

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  12. Cashleycol

    As in, can’t play Sheffield on a Wednesday…..???? Super irony that…. Spuds n Giroud…… sorry

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