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Nothing will change until Arsene leaves Arsenal

What has to change at Arsenal, apart from Wenger, who is staying anyway. Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone. Honestly, I’m tired of Arsene. I’m tired of him for about 5-10 years, but sadly another 5-10 are more possible than having the deluded one gone. Looking at the players though it doesn’t get much better as some players came to his support.

What’s logical is that the weak minded players of the squad came out to support Wenger amongst critiques going mostly in the way of Wenger. Players like Ramsey, Koscielny and Giroud came out to speak of Arsene as well as Iwobi. Now none of those players has proven truly world class and it’s no surprise they support the manager.

The French manager has surrounded himself with players who don’t question his decisions, even though from their performances it looks like they don’t wanna play for him. This highlights the mentality problem we have here and it’s the biggest one we’ve got.

Introducing leaders and people who care about success is the major point that should change and this should start from the fans and end up at the board. Apart from Sanchez and a small group of fans, not a lot of people care about success here. Arsene devalues winning by saying Liverpool haven’t won the title in the premier league, but they are still a big club.

They have a big history, but right now, if you are a top player, Liverpool is not your top choice. We don’t wanna be the next Liverpool, but the manager is preparing you for the future. And Liverpool at least change managers from time-to time to try a new approach.

Speaking of new things, a new coaching staff and a new number 2 are badly needed. I love Bouldy, but our defending is shocking and I’m not sure if he’s given any power in training. Our training methods are old. We didn’t allow Cech to bring his goalkeeping coach when he came from Chelsea and his form has slumped.

The goalkeeper spoke in an interview, about how his old coach was training him by throwing table tennis balls and Cech said that after catching small balls. the regular football ball seemed so much easier to catch. But here at Arsenal of course we don’t like new things so screw it.

We’re limiting the voices of everyone but Arsene, yet we pay over the price money to underperforming players. Our wage bill is one of the highest in the league, yet we keep players like Debuchy on 70 grand a week. We kept Diaby like that for near 10 years, yet we don’t wanna pay Sanchez, the only constant performer in the squad, the wage he deserves!

It would be great to have a director of football who deals with the wages and helps with the transfers. They could even be 2 different people. Transfers go through the hands of Arsene and that dramatically slows down the process. He once said he treats Arsenal money like his own.

Finally, I’d like to see a new formation and new tactics. Let’s play 4-4-2. Kill the number 10 role. We have like 10 players who want to play there. We introduced this system when we sold Adebayor and gave Fabregas the role and it somehow worked, when we build the squad around him, but since he left, we never really adapted to a system that actually suits the players we have.

All of the points here suggest stripping Arsene of some of his power and introducing people who could help. This is impossible and it’s not our style and will not happen, but I’d like to finish with the point that a lot of people point to Kroenke as the problem and I do agree he’s part of it, but we’ve never seen different.

We’ve never seen what will happen if Arsene is not here and it’s interesting who the Kroenkes will get in his place if he’s gone. I’m not overly excited for next season though. The results won’t change, neither will Arsene reinvent himself. We changed quite a lot of players in the last 12 years yet not much has changed.

Schoolboy errors keep coming game after game. let me just say I saw the defenders of Bulgaria, who’s names you’ve probably never heard, do a better job against Robben and shutting him down, than ours did when we played against Bayern. Man City will pile more misery on Arsene this weekend.

It’s inevitable, we’re paying the price of refusing to change in any way whatsoever.


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20 thoughts on “Nothing will change until Arsene leaves Arsenal

  1. Midkemma

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    1. Budd

      Mitov is only supporting Arsenal from 2007 so you have to cut him some slack.

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  2. ArseOverTit

    Yes the board and owner are a major reason AFC now stands for Arsenal Financial Commitee.

    No ambition to be the best on the field means no strategic plan or investment and is the reason Wenger remains after all.

    He gives them what they desire (4th Place and the odd fa cup) for £25K a day and they get to sell their merchandise and tickets to us and peddle dreams to sponsors.

    Everyone wins except the fans who pay the most for the Privilege to watch a sub standard football product and are even told we should be grateful for doing so.

    AFC is a shadow of the club it was. And the danger is, those who profess to love the club the most by standing by Wenger and the board are the ones who by their inaction to vocalise and act against what is blatantly wrong with the club they are doing the most to ensure its downfall.

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  3. Twig

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    1. Admin Post author

      Eh have you written off the German international Mustafi already?

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  4. Fatboy Gooney

    If nothing will change then we can expect to finish above the spuds then,right?😮👉 Well, that’s the norm, isn’t it? 😜

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  5. pubgooner

    There is only one person in this whole wide world who can save Arsenal and he is none other then Wenger himself. He can do this by NOT signing the contract and stepping down. I cannot see any other solutions. There is nobody in this world he has to answer to…

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    1. arsenalfan1

      A cloud of mediocrity and boredom has engulfed the once great Arsenal FC. Will the club ever rise again?

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  6. Brian Rotich chess

    Why..Why…Why..Why..Why..Why…Why..Why..Why..Why.Why..Do AKBs still exist!!!!!!


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  7. frank

    I’m just wondering what sort of reaction Wenger will get if he announces he is staying and then Arsenal get smashed by Man City.

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  8. Vlad

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  9. Vlad

    “I saw the defenders of Bulgaria, who’s names you’ve probably never heard, do a better job against Robben and shutting him down, than ours did when we played against Bayern”. Are you for real, Konstantin? If Bulgaria played Bayern, they’d get killed 10-0. Instead they played a very poor Netherlands side who didn’t even qualify for Euro’s last time around, and are in danger of missing the World Cup. So stop making ridiculous statements. As I said earlier, stick to FIFA.

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    1. GunnerJack

      He didn’t mention Bulagaria playing Bayern. He stated, quite rightly, that the Bulgarian defenders stopped Robben etc whereas our defenders, while quite good at attacking, are absolutely useless at defending against anyone at all who has a semblance of skill. So instead of twisting the facts maybe it’s you who should go back to FIFA.

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  10. Vlad

    Make JustArsenal Great Again! Konstantin Out! Thumbs Up for “Yes”. Thumbs Down for … “Yes” also. Nothing will change until he leaves here. Nothing!

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    1. bran99

      or may be you leave. why are you defending the specialist in failure? can’t you see his failures? there is some few of you who are still loyal to the old man, can’t you see the reality? Arsenal is falling and the captain Wenger is enjoying the ride downwards

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