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The effect of the new “SpudHole” on Arsenal’s season

Meanwhile over at the new spudole. (Read – Spud Hole) by Charles Veritie

All the eyes of the English chewing gum pundits are on the World Cup. Their brains are busy inventing the latest wonder player that they are certain as eggs are cracked that is coming to Arsenal.

Oh yes! Coming to Arsenal are they? Remember St. Ivan’s words. ‘Those who know, don’t talk, those who don’t know talk.’

The pundits are also busying themselves pumping up all the spuds players in the in the English squad.

With all eyes on Russia and spud players, I thought I would cast my eyes back to England and take a look at what is going on the other side of the park in spud land. For about two seasons a new spudhole has been taking shape. The web site shows the outer cladding is up and it looks as if the roof is place. In fairness its beginning to look good.

However because spuds are a second rate outfit, Arsenal are going to be put to it this season.

The spudole was planned to be ready for the start of the season on 11th August but it wont be ready until after the international break and their home game 15th September against loserpool.

Good for us, because we have the open day to celebrate the arrival of our new manager.

However their failure to be on time means there is a sting in the tail of the new season.

The 62,000-seat arena (which will come complete with a ‘half-time cheese bar’) is due to host it’s first game when Spurs play Liverpool at home on Saturday 15th September.

The opening four league matches beforehand will all be played away from home, including the ‘home’ fixture against newly-promoted Fulham which will be played at Wembley.

In order to accommodate yet another spudole failure, for our first 10 games we play 6 home and four away. This means that at the end of the season, they play six of their last ten games at home, we have to play 6 away games. All because spuds can’t build a spudole on time.

Charles Veritie.

The 62,000-seat arena (which will come complete with a ‘half-time cheese bar’) is due to host it’s first game when Spurs play Liverpool at home on Saturday 15th September.

The opening four league matches beforehand will all be played away from home, including the ‘home’ fixture against newly-promoted Fulham which will be played at Wembley.

39 thoughts on “The effect of the new “SpudHole” on Arsenal’s season

  1. gotanidea

    It looks good for Arsenal at the beginning of the upcoming season, but I am worried of what would happen after the new spudole is completed

    They consistently finish above Arsenal in Premier League now, despite they failed to get any trophy at the end of each season. Once the new spudole is opened, they will have more income from it and could gradually overtake Arsenal financially

    Luckily, Arsenal have moved on from Wenger and hopefully Emery can bring back Arsenal’s popularity among the new football fans. Let’s see the amount of investment Kroenke will make in the upcoming season and what board will do to catch up with the other big teams

    1. Mwsupporter

      They consistently finish above us now………….is it not only twice in 20 odd years or have I missed something?

        1. Angus

          Spurs will not maintain regular top 4 football in the long term they don’t have the resources. There wage budget is so far behind the other teams including us and there are such limits (FFP) on increasing it year on year. They lost Walker last year, likely Alderweireld this year, rose talked about leaving during the season, Eriksson/Alli have attracted attention. It’s very similar to our situation moving to the Emirates but they are in a worse position than we were in comparative finances, prestige of the club and especially with the amount of competition from other clubs they face. 1 of us or Liverpool or perhaps Everton will take the final spot longer term.

          1. Angus

            This is also why Liverpool made such an effort to stop us signing Suarez way back and played the media into making it look like we were crazy (annoys me how many Arsenal fans bought into that bs from Liverpool.) Liverpool have 1 very clear goal to displace us as the 4th team in England. Sure trophies are the ultimate aim but displacing us has been the number 1 goal in recent times and rightly so because it will make trophies more attainable. Spurs have the same goal just think the deck is stacked too heavily against them (in wages they are 45 mil a year behind Liv, 80 mil behind us and 100 mil behind City.)

  2. jon fox

    First we have an England/ World Cup site, then we have a Spuds site. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, most of us wish to discuss Arsenal matters. PRETENDING THAT OUR RIVALS NEW STADIUM AFFECTS US IS A SHAM. All our rivals have increased stadium size, save only Chelsea whose owner can’t even get into Britain permanently, so why mention Spuds particularly? We stand or fall on what WE do, not on inferior rivals increased capacity , which anyway will cost them most of a billion pounds , if latest reports are correct. Spurs? I thought that was something cowboys have on their boots. But frankly, WHO CARES?

  3. RSH

    Arsenal gunna make us sweat over torreira. Ornstein saying it’s not done yet and nothing is signed, oh boy…

      1. Xxnofx

        But hVe any of you actually seen him play ,or are you just happy that we are spending money on signings .what I’ve seen is all the players we’ve been linked to are players most of us haven’t even seen or even heard of but we Are happy that we’ve spent abit of cash ?

          1. Xxnofx

            So 2odd games ,what about the rest of the players we are linked to .this wasn’t aimed at you but the majority of the fans

            1. Sue

              Well I thought I’d answer… with the world cup going on, at least you get to see a lot of the players we’re linked with…. are you not happy with our potential signings then?

              1. Xxnofx

                No not really ,besides Leno who I watched when he was 3 years younger and he’s probably worth the money the rest are not going to give us a title charge if that’s what everyone on here is thinking is going to happen

                1. Xxnofx

                  To me it’s the same team with a different coach who thinks he can change Ramsey ,xhaka ,and now chambers into a title winning team with a few experienced players that we’ve signed who are the other side of 30 ,I just don’t see how this is an approvement on what we’ve been used to

                2. Sue

                  Maybe… maybe not, but we do need new players… I’m happy with Leno… not sure about Lichtsteiner (because he’s old) don’t know a great deal about Sokratis…. Torreira will be good for us, just hope we get him! Maybe 1 or 2 more will come in & we’re good to go!

    1. Trudeau

      And the further Uruguay go in the tournament the more nervous we get. And I think they’ll still be playing in mid July…

  4. auba arsenal of lagos

    That ornstein tweet got me worked I have to pray Uruguay crash out in next game so as to get our deal done.

    1. Mwsupporter

      Simple they can’t, they will have to pay for it which means they can’t buy or pay top salaries, they will lose the few decent players they currently have.

  5. Chiza

    Let’s look at this arsenal fans..something has got me worried for some time now so i have decided to share it with you guys… They said Emery came out of the blue to get the arsenal job after an interview that went very well for him,he gave a detailed analysis of all our players and their injury record and how he can improve them.. How come he knew so much????!!!… I have a feeling Wenger has something to do with this!!!…. I know him and Emery are very close..infact Emery sees Wenger like his father in football.. . So Wenger would have given him so much information about the squad and pushed him to go for the arsenal job at the last minute…does this mean wenger still wants control arsenal from the outside through Emery.. Now I’m really scared my arsenal fans..i know Emery can’t just know so much without Wenger’s help… Hmm.. Fingers crossed..let’s watch and see and let’s continue to pray for Arsenal


      I highly doubt it, the last thing Wenger wanted was to be sacked. I think he was surprised as the rest of us lol

    2. snowden

      Firstly before I believe all this would want to know the identity of ‘They’.
      Secondly if Unai was helped with info on the team by Arsene – so what.
      If Unai talked with Arsene about the Arsenal job – so what.
      Talking to people who know about the job, the company and others connected with the company is the norm these days before applying for a job. Just as the company checks out the applicant for the job on offer.

      I don’t know if it is true that Arsene is Unai’s mentor but it would not surprise if he was. It would not surprise me if other managers see Arsene as their mentor

    3. jon fox

      Yours is the conspiracy theory to end all other conspiracy theories. What next? Elvis lives perhaps? Lord Lucan will be our next coach? How about Hitler aged ONLY 129 , is surely still alive and holed up in a care home in VENEZUALA? And don’t forget Prince Philip had Princess Dians killed! The Moon landing was a giant hoax? To much to stretch credulity though to believe that Emery is just thoroughly on top of his brief, fully prepared and totally professional. NO! Set that “impossible” thought against Elvis, Lord Lucan. The Moon Hoax, Prince Philip being a murdering gangster and you must have a point! Now what are they serving us both in the asylum for dinner tonight do you think! BTW, all I ever learned about Arsenal when aged 8 and about pre war heroes like Bastin , Alex James, Drake and Herbert Chapman , I also learned from Wenger, who was aged nine at that time. Would I lie to you!

  6. Trudeau

    I was at White Hart Lane when Danny Rose’s wonder strick ended our title chances. Most Spurs fans didn’t care about winning the game. They just cared about f*$#ing our season up. “That’s small club mentality” I remember thinking at the time. Sort of like this article.

  7. Goonstar

    Arsenal just need to get back to being a competitive club. On paper we have as good if not better players than spuds. Put our current squad side by side with Spuds and we shouldn’t be fcking around in 5th or 6th place. Wenger stagnated us for so long, he just looked out of his depth.
    I am very optimistic for this New Era under Unai. Our squad just needed a better motivated manager to to give them a kick upon the backside to get them moving.
    And spuds being more competitve makes it even sweeter to beat and keep finishing above them.

    1. Patrick_G

      Best comment on this article. 🙂 COYG – We are the best, we just needed a change.

  8. dragunov762mm

    So, they are going to destroy the famous old stinky WHL? Man, I love that old stinky one.

  9. Robin Vanpayslip

    What’s the difference? It’s still in a dump called Tottenham

    That’s like saying ‘look at me – I have a mansion’. But it’s in slough

  10. Patrick_G

    Worrying about Spuds is like worrying about a strangers failure. We above them in all ways. It doesn’t matter how big their stadium is. They still have a whole lot more too do to overtake us as a club and fan base. We should be looking at competing with City, Liverpool, Chelsea and United. They are our true competition. Yeah I said it!!!! We failed ourselves over the years of complacency. Yeah I said it!!!! We need just need to be the force we are already are. This GIANT needs to wake up. WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!!

  11. Reyesorarsenal

    These is a realistic list we can sign from
    Yerry mina
    Ki seung yung
    Denis Suarez
    Aaron Mooy
    David Luis
    William cavarlho
    Max Meyer
    More to come

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