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USA star confident of playing for Arsenal first team next season

There is much concentration on the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds, but if you were Arsene Wenger you would also be looking at how our youth players are progressing to see if they are good enough to promote to the first team. Players like Serge Gnabry who has been brilliant for the U21s since he returned from injury, and now the young American Gordon Zelalem has wowed his fans at the FIFA U-20 World Cup this last week, before his side unluckily got beaten by Serbia on penalties in the Quarter-Final.

He has received such rave reviews that it may have gone to his head, as he now feels certain that he is ready to break into the Arsenal first team at the tender age of 18, and many watchers may well agree with him. “I’m going to go back for pre-season and try to get into the first team and play some games,” he said on “If I can do that, great. If not, I’ll look to get out on loan somewhere. It’s a dream come true to be at a club like Arsenal and I want to get into the first team this season, play minutes and start matches. I have high expectations of myself and if I was to be starting week in, week out, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

The youngster has certainly been impressive, and he was extremely cool when scoring in the penalty shoot-out and showed that he can handle pressure at the highest levels. He said after the game: “I was pretty relaxed because you know with penalties that some people miss them – it’s just the way it is,”

“I would have been sad if I’d missed, but you know it happens. I didn’t feel much pressure – I just put it in the back of the net.

“It’s a shame it worked out the way it did because it was an even game. I thought we both deserved to go through. We had a spell where I felt we could have won it, but they also had their spells too. And once it gets to penalties you know it’s up in the air.”

Well they finally got knocked out 6-5 in the end but Zelalem and his team can go out with their heads held high. He is showing remarkle calmness and confidence for his age, so perhaps if he impresses Wenger enough he could really be in the Gunners first team next season….

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21 thoughts on “USA star confident of playing for Arsenal first team next season

  1. mall-gooner

    Admin how about heading “Zelalem confident of playing for Arsenal first team next season”

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Dude is nowhere near ready for 1st team play. He’s too timid and lightweight…

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      1. moneytalks

        No way Zelalem will play next season ahead of Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky
        and Coquelin.

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        1. TheIndianGunner

          Agree with you one hundred percent. I watched the U20 WC games. He looses possession too often and is easily shrugged off the ball. He needs to gain some strength to go with his skill before being considered for first team football in England.

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          1. Goonsquad8

            @ theindiangunner

            I noticed that too, he did lose possession a good amount of time. You can see he has quality in abundance but he lost the ball more than i would’ve liked and he also kept going backwards after beating a player.

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  2. davidnz

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    1. NickTheYank

      With Shad Forsythe helping improve our injury record and recovery times already don’t give up on Wilshire just yet. This team is headed the right direction in terms of our injury record.

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    2. josh37

      David, I don’t think there’s a player in our squad you haven’t suggested we sell at some point…
      Listen to the familiar sound of no-one caring.

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  3. fred cowardly

    England, France and Spain haven’t looked very impressive to me.

    I hope they improve by next summer. I want to see them perform better than in the world cup last summer

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    1. jonestown1

      You just as well throw Germany and Holland in as well – no-one looking great/unbeatable tbh.

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      1. Tas

        Eeerrrr England’s is unbeaten they won their last 6 qualifying games, I don’t know what you guys are expecting to see no game is easy these days anyone can win on the day

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  4. mall-gooner

    OT. I don’t know much about Colombia team butwhen Martinez is not in there starting XI then how come he is world class?

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    1. jonestown1

      Truth is he probably isn’t. Falcao has always been ahead of him, Gutierez has more goals with only a few more apps, Bacca improving and scoring at better rate. JM 10 goals in 37 apps, not great.

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  5. NickTheYank

    Zelalem has a very. Bright future ahead but I don’t see it happening this year. He needs to improve his strength and go out on loan somewhere ghe will be guaranteed minutes this season. He’s 2 years away unless he just breaks out and outplays everyone and even then Wenger has favorites no matter what their form. I don’t see him in the first team until Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, etc are off the books.

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    Zalelelm needs to go on a loan for few seasons before he can make it to the first team..

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  7. Hafiz Rahman

    Martinez is only 3rd/4th choice for Colombia…

    this show the high standard of strikers for Colombia….

    competitive fighting for places

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  8. GoonAR

    He showed flashes of his potential at the U20 WC but isn’t ready yet to start for Arsenal.

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  9. Tatek Girma

    His name is Gedion Zelalem not Gordon Zelalem. His families are from Ethiopia, East Africa. It is better to loan him to get more appearance and experience before slotting him in to first team. He is with a great potential.

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