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Arsenal get HUGE injury boost!

With Arsenal losing away to Spurs and Chelsea winning away to Aston Villa, the last sputtering flames of our title hopes were extinguished this weekend. It is still going to be a fight to the finish in the Premier League but our only hope of another trophy this season is in the FA cup and Champions League competitions.

And while I am more optimistic than most Arsenal fans and football pundits about our ability to go far in Europe, it is still clear that the trophy we currently hold is the one we are most likely to win again. So any help we can get for the home game against Middlesborough in the 5th round next weekend is most welcome.

And with the Championship side basing all of their success, including the elimination of Man City in the last round, on a very tight and miserly defence, we could do with the help being of an attacking nature and that is just what we will have.

According to, Arsenal will be able to call on Alexis Sanchez for the EPL clash with Leicester on Tuesday but he will then be joined by Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in time for the FA cup game. Both of these England internationals have the ability to change a game at any point and it could be that a burst of pace and power from the Ox or a bit of magic from Jack makes the difference.

It really will be good to get these two back and hopefully keep them and the rest of the squad injury free until the end of the season. Could that be the difference between success and failure?

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18 thoughts on “Arsenal get HUGE injury boost!

  1. RWRW

    Wilshere doesnt get near this team!! Well maybe if Ramsay continues playing terrible

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  2. Nickerless Bender

    It was blatantly obvious that we missed the Ox’s pace and power yesterday and would have given us more dynasim in the centre of the park as well as give that little shit Mason something to do. Still can’t work out why he started with Welbeck instead of the Rock or Walcott when he has only just come back from injury, but again subs too little to late. Wilshire, hmm what else would he have done differently to Ramsay? Except rolling around on the floor after running into the wall of the scums back four. To be honest I think he is gonna struggle getting on the subs bench let alone near the first team.

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  3. Ddog

    wilshere is a great talent, and is going to be an awesome player if he can stop getting injured. no one should write him off. the abilities there he just needs to keep fit.

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    1. GunningSoulman

      Wilshere is overrated. Hes similiar to Ramsey in that he always overcomplicates things. His defensive play is not good ebough. ill have Rosicky all day.

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  4. cheeterspotter

    Whoever we pick midweek, back above the Spuds for sure after themidweek fixtures.

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  5. gunner86

    Ramsey needs to be dropped wouldn’t even have him on the bench.constantly losing possession,no pace and can’t tackle.
    Start with coquelin,cazorla and 1 of ox,rocicky or wilshere as our box to box with the other 2 on the bench.i would start the ox.
    What was mertesacker doing y’day twice chesting the ball down in his own box to spurs players instead of heading the f##king thing away.
    Surely Gabriel has to be better than that if not why did we sign him?

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  6. dboy

    A wise man(WOB) sees the danger that lies ahead, but a fool(AKB) continues in the way of destruction. #Wengerout!!!

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    1. eloaking

      Ozil and Wilsher are destabilizing factors in the team. keep them out and the team will be fine

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  7. goonergaz2000

    Give Ramsey a week or two of or drop him to the bench.He is not playing well at the moment and he probably would be the first to admit it.It will keep the crowd of his back and his confidence won’t get totaly shattered to pieces

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  8. thetruth

    ramsey had one good season and the rest mediocre at best…
    wilshere on the downwards slope and now he’s personal life is on the upwards…
    walcott is rusty and needs to train harder on the training pitch not match games

    we need sanchez and the oz back to run at the oppositions

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  9. cescyfab4

    Really wanted us to beat Spurs without Sanchez, so they will stfu about us being ”a one man team”.

    Well, it’s good to have him back. I so want him to get ahead of everyone on the goal scoring chart. It’s a pity he had to be injured when Diego Costa is on a ban.

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