Gary Neville being negative about Arsenal once again

Former Manchester United man Gary Neville has cast doubt over Arsenal’s chances of making the top four in the Premier League this season.

The Gunners have been superb in the league this season and they should earn a return to the Champions League if they cannot win the title.

However, it is still too early to predict what position they will finish and Neville is worried they might eventually fall off the cliff.

He was speaking about clubs he believes will make the top four by the end of this campaign and said via The Sun:

“I think it will become a right tangle and mess come February, March and I think the business end of the season will look completely different to how it looks today. So I will go City, Arsenal, Tottenham, United, I think and then I think Chelsea and Liverpool will just miss out.

“But to be honest with you, this idea that Arsenal will definitely get top four, I don’t go along with that yet personally. I think they have got to prove it towards the end of the season even though I’ve loved watching them at the moment and they’re brilliant.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need more people doubting our abilities because we will be under too much pressure if everyone believes we can win.

As underdogs, we will do much better as a result of a lack of expectation on our players and they can play their game freely.

But we must work hard in every game and aim for the maximum points. This will help us win more matches and stay at the top of the league table.

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  1. What he’s saying isn’t incorrect though, is it?

    Been playing brilliantly – a joy to watch – will it last?

    Can’t be fairer than that.

    1. Spot on Ken
      He’s not been negative at all ,but speaking some home truths ,anyone would be skeptical seeing how we finished last season when the pressure got to us .

  2. Seems to me that GN is sitting on the fence; hedging his bets but then expects us to get over the line

    Last season was a climb up the league from rock bottom and but for a major wobble at the end, it would have been a different story this season.

    The league will become more open in the future as more rich owners buy up the PL teams. Look how it has changed from the AW/Fergie early years to what we have now. Newcastle will be the next to join so the top6 becomes the top7 which opens up so many more opportunities for the many, but less for the team you support

  3. Arsenal is definitely an improved side from last campaign. The present campaign is very solid. Arsenal can’t finish below second unless they don’t get a strong Partey cover in January.
    They have started believing in themselves.

  4. I think based on this season and last we will definitely be in top 4. No one has a crystal ball, I could be wrong but based on this season and last. Last season we were 1 win away from top 4 with a poor start. If we play the rest of the season how we did last season then that should put us in 4th heck even 3rd. Right now as it is there is 2 teams in the title race and we are one of them. I hope we can keep it it. I dont think we are the stringer team but can be the more consistent team.

    We have seen city “struggle” in their last game with no haaland. Could be a decider

  5. What about his idea that man utd will get the top four? If he’s not sure about Arsenal, why is it not the same for manu. Arsenal looks more likely than manu, they did last season too. Personally, I think AFC is beyond the fourth spot, that spot is for Manu Newc Che Liv to scrap over.

  6. Gary Neville is simply being Gary Neville, I would have said he is judging based on our past record of bottling it when it matters but why is he so sure about United if he is being realistic? After all Arsenal finished above United last season.

  7. The only point in GN’s analysis that I have a problem with is his contention that we fade at the end of the season.

    However, i still believe we lost those games towards the end of last season because we lost Partey, and had no adequate replacement.

    If that is what GN means by fading at the end, it was true last year, and if we do not sign a competent replacement, it could happen again this year.

  8. Hi ! ”Gunners” let’s not be bothered by those people ”Skeptical” of ”Gunners” making to the ”Top Four” but this is new era of ”Gunners” what people fail to notice or acknowledge is unlike ”Wenger” when ”Gunners” were selling d regulars players, this era is different, ”Gunners” are adding more to d regulars, so no ”Doubting or Shaking of minds, so before people know it Gunners” already there even with ”Trophies”, it looks like long movie as at now, before blink of eyes, d movie is ended.

  9. Neville may not be completely wrong about his judgement about the team but he can’t be so sure on how the things will be to both clubs in the competition.

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