LOADED Arsenal to hand Wenger just £50m and demand glory

I know that £50 million is a lot of money and even in the money rich English Premier League, there are a lot of club managers who would love to be able to spend that much in the summer. But I do not think it is really enough for Arsenal to give Arsene Wenger. Not if they want the Gunners to mount a proper title challenge that is.

And that is exactly what the owners and the board will expect, according to a Daily Telegraph report. The paper claims that the pressure on the Frenchman to start bringing real success back to the club is increasing and the old excuse of paying off the debt amassed when building the Emirates stadium is no longer good enough.

But you have to remember that Arsenal are still playing catch up and have spent less than any of our rivals in the last ten years. So the board should be giving Wenger as much as possible to buy some top class players. When you consider that Man United spent three times the £50 million that the report reckons Wenger will get at the end of this season and that they will probably spend a similar amount again, you wonder whether the Arsenal board are living in the real world.

And when the club then releases financial figures showing more profit and a massive cash reserve of nearly £140 million, you have to wonder what they are saving it for. Come on Kroenke, you get what you pay for so cough up!

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  1. just watched invincibles documentary…feel emotional.
    will always love that team an our manager for that.

    no matter what happens

    1. perhaps the £50mil offer is an excuse not to Let wenger go in the summer ……..who wanna be fooled?

    2. The highlight was winning at United’s backyard and the bpl, what a night, wiltord was the scorer that night,what a night

  2. Honestly, it’s not enough for a Top DM and top strike.

    Also take into account that Wenger always spends money on young players too.

    We could also use a back up LB and perhaps another top Defender because Mertsacker is in decline.

    1. 50 mill is small dough but with proper planning and the sale of average players like wilshere or inconsistent players like ozil and Ramsey , you can build an over 100 million war chest to buy what we need.

      1. Poldolski gets sold + wages
        Diaby Wages
        Flamini wages, not sure when his contact expires so maybe a bit of cash
        Campbell sold + wages

        Think 50mil will get a good DM and young ST with out goings

    2. Of course it’s enough. You’re just hell bent on an unnecessarily inflated purchase at ST.

      Also that’s 50mil without the additional cash for player like Poldi. Figure will be nearer 65mil

  3. Realistically not a lot of money, we should increase our buying power by selling a few players that are either in decline or that do not adjust to the game plan….we could also perceive additional income by finding a younger Manager that want to proof himself and would cost us half or less….WENGER should either retire honorably as an ARSENAL legend or go up the ranks and Manage from the top….we need to be real this mess of a team has one culprit and one only and that is WENGER. We cannot keep living in the past tearing for those glory days, we need to focus in the present and future.

  4. Does the 50 million include wages and fees to Agents and/or anything else?

    I’m not sure How it works. Are agents paid by the player or by clubs?

    Another thing we could do is sell a few players like Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo, Mertsacker

    We could also free up wages by releasing Diaby, Flamini

  5. How convenient..a promise of better things suddenly appears soon after a disaster showing..! Donkeys and carrots..

  6. Even if the Board made £200m available we would still have a problem. That problem is Arsene Wenger. BT if Wenger should request more money to spend it will be made available. People underestimate the power and influence this man has.

    As chairman Sir Chips Keswick memorably said at the last Arsenal AGM, “If he has a plan, we back him. If he doesn’t we won’t say anything.” The only person who will have any say on whether he does or doesn’t see out his current three-year contract is Wenger himself.
    Wenger’s tactical theories are outdated
    When Arsene Wenger coached his 2003-04 team to an unbeaten season, he experienced something few managers are lucky enough to find in their careers. He put together a team so well connected with one another they rarely even thought about their opponents.They only concentrated on themselves, such was the confidence in their blend of power and panache. It set a standard for Wenger. He often repeats his mantra of “we like to play the game we love” but this idealism is not always realistic. In today’s climate, it seems crazy to be so laissez-faire about the opposition.

    And the Monaco game was a good reminder of that.

    1. That makes sense. The board are very scared to let Wenger go. If Wenger made demands for certain players, he would probably get his way. However, why Wenger doesn’t get just the players we require is beyond me.

      I hate Mourinho. However, he went to Chelsea. He looked at the team and decided that they need 2 main players (Fabregas and Costa) and two backups (Remy and Drogba). Then in January he decided they just could use Cuadrado as an extra (not needed but an extra). That’s what January is for. You do your main spending in Summer

      I reckon we only need 2-3 big players and 1 minor

      1. Top DM
      2. Top striker
      3. Top defender (debatable, maybe not urgent)
      4. backup LB unless we have someone in Academy

      1. So you think ospina is the answer long term ….?

        We need 4 players IMO ….I would accept any of these realistic targets for those four positions !

        Striker- higuain, Jackson Martinez , aubemayeng , lacazette or dybala

        Defensive mid – pogba , gustavo or schneiderlin

        Centre back -plain and simply break the bank for hummels , he’s there for the taking !

        Goalkeeper – wenger wants his head looking at if petr Cech doesn’t become an arsenal player in the summer , this is a must !

        Ok , so I know the price being talked about for pogba makes it very unlikely that he would come to us , he’s literally in there because he is moving on soon and tbf we have made 1 big signing for each of the last two summers , I can only pray !

        …. But the rest of the names are the standard we should be looking at.

      1. Sorry bud , don’t know any Amy ….

        In all honesty I don’t fully understand your comment, but I’m assuming u have heard a similar view as mine from someone called Amy on BBC sport ???

        If so , I’m just glad there’s somebody else out there with some sense !!!!

        1. Similar view! kidding me?…… you copied the entire paragraph in Amy’s article word by word! Are you for real?

          ” When Arsene Wenger coached his 2003-04 team to an unbeaten season, he experienced something few managers are lucky enough to find in their careers. He put together a team so well connected with one another they rarely even thought about their opponents.
          They only concentrated on themselves, such was the confidence in their blend of power and panache. It set a standard for Wenger. He often repeats his mantra of “we like to play the game we love” but this idealism is not always realistic. In today’s climate, it seems crazy to be so laissez-faire about the opposition.”

          Written by Amy Lawrence, 27 February 2015

          At least have curtsey to admit your wrong doing.

          1. Hahahaha , that’s hilarious ! … And u think I copied that ???

            Although I happen to agree with this ‘amy’ on that …. I still fail to see how me writing up what four players I think we need to genuinely compete is a carbon copy of that quote ???!

            Just to clarify, I posted up last week that arsenal need a change of manager for fresh ideas …..

            Just want to make sure nobody confuses this with the comment Mourinho made about a campaign against Chelsea , as they’re very similar ……!!!

            1. Ok just figured out the confusion ….

              If u scroll up , u will realise bud that you’ve replied to the wrong person !

              I’m V. Uren , that panache comment was made by somebody a few comments above mine !

              Apology accepted x

  7. Not enough monies, we must purchase Morgan Shcnedeirlin and top top Striker (Giruod not good enough qualities)!!!

  8. Loan; Gnaby, Jenkinson, Sanago
    Sell; Monreal, Flamini, Poldoski, Cazrola (needs to happen at some point and why not when At. Madrid want him?) £27m
    Buy; Gaya £13.5m, Kondogbia £27m (would he come after what happen?), Schneiderlin £20m
    and a top striker with pace and the ability to finish.

    I would keep Mertisacker as Laporte wouldn’t be purchased on the bases of Gabriel being brought therefore, let Mertisacker play back up with Chambers and give it a year to see if Gabriel and Chambers is doing well and what the situation with Laporte is.
    With that being the case buy Gaya and let Monreal go with Cazrola, best chance to sell both while bringing in more required box to box style like Schneirderlin and a warrior like Kondogdia.

    That leaves a striker if budget allows but it should be a pressing issue

    1. Gaya wont be ready for the prem till another two maybe even three years, tiny and fragile. Kondogbia looks a real player, one of those athletes with great upper body strength, perfect build not to big and definitely not small.. hes like a rash too, id say players hate playing him.

      Id rather sell any of the other cm than Cazorla. Id play him in front of the other two though as i never really did think he was greatly suited in partnership with holding player, its just when were on top it looks good.

  9. Agree with others who reckon that a few sales coupled with a few let go should give us a sufficient budget. I wont go into the ones who are supposed to be first team quality because we will all a difference in opinion about who we should cut losses on.

    I just hope that Wenger will be brave enough to say hey i had big hopes for you and i still think you can be an exceptional player but your just not developing any more and actually may be regressing somewhat. All the best and good luck. He needs to say that to maybe two or three of our fist sixteen, then the lads will probably drive the lesson home.

    When players spend allot of, or for some all of their careers playing with a target of CL place is a must the money is essential… and then reach that target for ten years straight doing no more and no less well then can you really be surprised with being better than every team except the top two/three. We won the fa cup last year but to get out of our mindset we would have needed che or manc in the final or even an earlier round. We have too many players who are used to the finishing line being fourth place and celebrating like its an achievement. Im not saying its nothing but its three places from winning. How in the hell are our players ever going to start believing that their in a team capable of the title, seriously. The mental block from this is too much in my opinion as most of our players have experienced our ultra fourth place consistency for far too long. Ozil Sanchez are expecting to get us out but with players coming in i think we need to thinking of the ones going out, we really should be looking at first team regulars.

    1. What f@cking mindless idiots could possibly down this unless they are spuds supporters?

      It’s basic common sense!
      If it’s not spuds supporters it is even worse! Supposed AFC fans that feel the management can’t be questioned and the status quo should be maintained.

      Un-f@cking believable!

  10. Heard it all before last summer we had 100mil spent about 60 with i comings
    This winter we had 20 spent about 15
    So now we have 50 how much will he spend ? 35
    Two things wrong how much we have to spend and then how much of that he spend
    I would go back to the old stadium to win trophies, but now we’ve built a stadium for the Monaco fans we are not moving forward

  11. It would have been cool if Wenger left after the FA Cup win. His reputation would have been intact. Winning us PL and FA Cups. Two doubles. Keeping us in Champions League and top 4 while having financial restraints from a new stadium, which is arguably the best Stadium in the PL.

    But now, unless he can somehow get a top striker and top DM within £50 million, I see yet another year fighting for fourth place

    I’m not being pessimistic but realistic. Actually every year I am gullibly optimistic

  12. $50M…$100M…$150M?

    Does anyone have confidence that Le Prof would spend such massive sums of money in a consistently successful manner?

    I will grant him the utmost credit for signing Sanchez this past summer, a fantastic player that is the embodiment of what Arsenal should stand for going forward.

    However, paying $42 million for Mezut Ozil, $12M for Debuchy and $16M for Chambers over the last 2 windows have left me a fantastic plexed. All three of these players are respected internationals, very good players that have the quality to be in the starting 11 @ Arsenal for years to come. UNFORTUNNATELY, Wenger payed way to much for each player, when alternative quality options were available @ a lesser price.

    1)Ozil……with Santi pulling the strings and having an MVP type of season in the number 10 role, AW assuages the disgruntled Gunner masses by spending a club record on a luxury player that doesn’t fit the Arsenal style of play. Can u imagine if Le Prof had the foresight to spend that money on a much needed DM like Kongogbia and a goal poacher like Jackson Martinez? Martinez would of saved the $16M thrown @ Welbeck this January.

    Debuchy has been snakebitten by injuries this year and his experience is vital in big fixtures but even when healthy he isn’t a top 10 RB in the EPL. I’ve never been a Carl Jenkinson fan but his form @ West Ham this season has been impressive and more than equitable to MD when healthy. Would of preferred Nathaniel Clyne, Daryl Janmart, Serge Aurier for less quid.

    Callum Chambers has potential to be a very good CB, but a RB he will NEVER be. His age and flexibility as a player are valuable assests, and Arsene does value investing in young players but $16M to be a bit player? I hope he evolves into that WC CB we’ve been longing for YEARS, but I have my doubts. Again that money could of been spent on Zouma, Dragovich, Scharr, Laporte, etc.

    I do concede that hindsight is 20/20, and big money transfers are often crap shoots but this could EASILY of been Arsenals starting eleven this past year.


    Premier and Champions league contenders this year?

    1. You speak sense.
      Wengerites do not like sense.
      Only blind following and unquestionable faith..the French messiah.

  13. Receiving money is spot on but at the wrong time, you can’t splash cash at the manager and say “hey! take this money and buy new ones” as it will have a negative response from the french idiot,
    And you don’t want that. Currently now Wenger is consoling Giroud that Benzema will not play ahead of him for France. Buying a defensive midfielder was the prime responsibility instead went for the loan player which lead to misleading belief. Kondogbia was really good but could have been exposed had both the full backs not pressed forward and might i add that Gibbs is the lousiest LB in the top 4 .

  14. It could be enough with outgoings and some free transfers, milner, khedira etc. We need a dybala type striker and another cb to add to gabriel and kos, per’s done!

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