Wenger insists Arsenal are ‘in good shape’ and is not considering a return ‘at the moment’

Arsene Wenger has insisted that Arsenal are in a good place and with potential, but insists that he isn’t considering any form of return at present.

The Frenchman stepped down from his role as manager in 2018, and the club has struggled for stability since, with Unai Emery lasting just 18 months as his predecessor, while Mikel Arteta has lasted slightly longer at this point in time, but is coming under scrutiny at present.

The Gunners have opened their new campaign with three straight league defeats, whilst failing to score a single league goal, although we did beat West Brom’s B team in the EFL Cup by a 6-0 scoreline.

Arsene Wenger isn’t worried at present however, despite our extremely rocky start to the term, and insists that he can see the potential in our side.

‘Today the club is in good shape,’ Wenger told BILD LIVE(via the Metro). ‘They had two tough games [against Chelsea and Manchester City], the team has potential and I hope they can come back.’

Wenger is often linked with a return to Arsenal in some capacity whenever the club encounters difficulty but he has played down the prospect of coming back to the Emirates to aid their current crisis.

He added: ‘I’m 71. I’ve given this club the best years of my life. At the moment I’m just a fan.’

I don’t believe we could go back to having Wenger as manager, but I’m sure he could help out in another role if we could persuade him, but too focused on sticking with our current setup, regardless of how rocky the times go.


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  1. Top 4 manager
    He allowed his players to express themselves in the opposition half….That’s why we saw creativity from his team……….hope Arteta has that attitude……..!

  2. Look whos talking now! Had he to quit we could have signed Klopp or even Mou (for a two seasons) and would be among the elite clubs. No need to write more as I am too depressed at his latter years costly/cheapos flop signings (except Carzola, Sanchez and maybe Giroud) and due to this Unai lost his job and Mikel is putting on a brave show in a losing battle. Do not need this man a mile around our club, let alone step inside.

    1. Emery lost his job because he could get a single point in the last 4 games and embarrassed us in the EL final and 23 players have been signed since Wenger left but I suppose you will blame him for us being 20 th in the league 😂

    2. “Do not need this man around our club”imagine saying that about Arsène Wenger??I won’t even bother explaining why it is so wrong and on so many levels.

      1. siamois, NO you should take the time to educate “fans” like Loose Cannon regarding the most successful manager this club has ever had.

        Keep calling them out and challenge their blatant lies and misinformation.
        UE was sacked because he couldn’t muster the one point needed to secure CL qualification from his last four games and his tactics were completely exposed in the europa final against Chelsea humiliation.

        One day, hopefully, we will have another manager who will create an Invincible squad, secure CL football for twenty consecutive years, along with the top four finishes and deliver fourteen cups /trophies while a new stadium is being built.

        Just think what he could be doing for the club today, if he had a ambassador role such as Fergie…. Ronaldo has said it was AF who persuaded him to turn down city for united.

        Imagine Wenger and Dein working together in tandem and promoting our club once again.

        I hope Arsene will, one day, realise how the vast majority of fans appreciate him and would welcome him back immediately in the ambassador role.

        Still, I fully understand Le Profs unforgiving stance with regards to the verbal and physical abuse he received… and the fans who did this have to live with the consequences.

        The next claim will be that we are bottom of the PL, with no wins – no goals – no points and despite spending over £200,000,000 since gazidis took control of the transfers, it will all be down to Arsene Wenger!!!! What a joke!!!

    3. Wenger’s last season is better than Emery or Arteta. That fact alone is prove that he is better than any of them. They have bought other players since and could not even improve the team. Add to the fact that it is arguably Wenger’s signing, Aubameyang, that carries Emery and Arteta’s best performance at arsenal.

      Honestly it feels funny that only at arsenal we would blame the predecessor when the successor performed worse.

    4. Fact is that Wenger sacrifices his best years carrying Arsenal. We were playing with kids and no name players for so many seasons and maintained some standard of football. And how do we know that Wenger is great? Most of these players become a flop when they left arsenal.

  3. Not man managers would have been constantly in the top 4 doing what he as doing – selling the club’s best players due to a lack of funding. He completely revolutionized the English game. Played the most entertaining football during his time even with the presence of that great Barcelona team of the early 2010’s.

  4. The only thing I blame Wenger for is that he constantly kept on covering up and taking the blame for the misgivings of the club owners and also some players (Arteta needs to learn this one). After he left, he granted an interview where he said that he wasn’t being given money to sign players while many thought that he was the one not interested in paying up for players. It’s also worth noting that from 2010 – 2019, Arsenal and Bayern Munich were the only two clubs in Europe that consistently made profits every year. Now he’s gone, their lack of interest in the club(aside from making profit) has been dubiously exposed while they’re trying to fix up the whole mess by giving the two managers after Wenger £200m each for transfers

    1. Excellent and factual post dgr8xt – let’s hope the likes of Loose Cannon is reading it and can educate himself 📖😂

  5. I think Wenger is being kind here, “in a good place” I don’t consider being bottom of the table and 150 mil spent on potential a good place but each to their own I suppose 🧐

  6. If only we have a billionaire owner haizz.. this is the best time to break financial fairplay lmao..

  7. Loose cannon is a man filled with rage&hatred towards wenger&from my findings he can go as far as murdering wenger if opportuned.tmjw is not far behind with such wicked mindset

  8. &don’t be surprised if he go as far as vandalizing wenger’s statue when the club finally decide to honour him with one because of an unending hatred

  9. The Club Structurally is in a good place. All the objectives of moving has made this possible.

    However the longer we take to achieve our goals the less we can pay the salaries we need to, and less the fee’s we can afford.

    Right now, look at the transfer and wage deals for Varane, Fernandes and we can afford this, but until we offer elite footballers the opportunity to play in a European stadium, our good place might become anything but…

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