Will Arsenal announce Mesut Ozil contract to soften blow of Alexis’ sale?

It is now looking more and more likely that Mesut Ozil will sign his new Arsenal contract to keep him at the Emirates for the rest of his career but we all know that Alexis Sanchez will be leaving at the earliest opportunity. Even Wenger has said that he now fully expects the German playmaker to stay when he said: ‘I believe he wants to stay, he is not to be convinced [to sign a new contract],’

‘You want nobody to leave and you see where we stand on that.

And now Ozil himself has appeared on a pretend Sky Sports press conference with young fans, and when asked why he was with Arsenal he replied: ‘Because of the history and the amazing players.

‘I’m here to learn, to grow up and to show my talent for this club.’

‘This club has made me bigger. I’m so proud to play for a big club like Arsenal.’

I’m sure he wouldn’t say that if he wasn’t going to stay and the club has probably already come to an agreement with his advisors but is waiting for the right time to announce it. And what better time than when we bring in a ‘top quality’ replacement for Alexis and let the Chilean move to Man City in January?

Wenger has also delayed the contract talks with Wilshere up until now, so I have a feeling he will announce the two new signings in a couple of weeks at the same time as Alexis leaves. Surely, as Meatloaf famously said; Two out of Three Ain’t Bad!



  1. pires says:

    if it’s confirmed it’s a good news.I would prefer ,though ,to keep alexis insted of ozil.AS for Wilshere, he has shown nothing yet. the patience and faith wenger put in him start to give results but nothing great yet .

    1. muffdiver says:

      i actually agree with something you’ve said. amazing .
      i would keep sanchez over ozil …but as sanchez has shown this season he doesnt want to be here
      so wenger will try an get malcom or the likes, if he can then alexis can go this window

      jacks done well past few games, but your right hes been here years an years an always been injured so its premature.

    2. Me says:

      Illustrates what a delusional and unambitious old fool Wenger is.
      To stick by a sick note…

  2. Me says:

    I would prefer the resignation of Wenger and the sale of the club to a new owner.
    I’m not bothered about any of the players…

    1. pires says:

      go instead to suport man ciy or chelsea they have owners who can satisfy your glory hunter instinct… and you can believe me, i have more respect as an arseal fan forTOTTENHAM and liverpool than these “clubs ” owned by a russian mafiosi or an arabic nabab

      1. Maks says:

        Your comment have nothing to do with the fact that Wenger should GO, and that our Board did not invest a single dollar of their own money to Arsenal.

        1. pires says:

          you seems to love the modele of the so called succesfull clubs owned by sugar daddies…convert yourself.you will feel happy. this club has VALUES and you do’t seems to understand that.

          1. Simon Says says:

            Morning Pires, I’ve heard of these values quite often during the last few years but not a lot during the remaining 37 years of watching us, what are they do you know?

          2. Maks says:

            Hello? You talking to me?
            I totaly agree with you that ManCity and Chelsea lost their souls. Frak them… I would never enjoy Arsenal if over night they change all 18 players. It is bad, sterile and blah blah…
            … please dnt fight with ghosts. And Love Wenger if you like… it’s a free world.

          3. Me says:

            Sounds like you support the manager and not the club.
            And what do “values” get you?
            Values are only mentioned by the manager when the club are struggling.
            So if a struggling club represents “values” to you – keep them…

          4. Values don’t win trophies mate, an owner that will make The necessary investment in the team and a manager that is tactically sound and that can get the best out off his player wins trophies. We as a football club are in the trophies business not values business. If you can win titles and invest in the team and get the best out off the players at your squad while sticking to certain values then great , however after 13 years without a title and never winning a champion’s league, you can stick your values where the sun don’t shine I want to see trophies

          5. pires says:

            morning Simon , i respect your loyality and your investment in the club ,you pay your tickets from YOUR poket,somthing i cannot do(I amnot living in london)

          6. pires says:

            to support a club in which you don’t recognise any values is incridible. it’s like voting for someone without knowing neither his programme nor his forseable politics.

          7. pires says:

            it’s people like you who are voting for Trump (who is a w.o.b by the way,a good representative of W.O.B!!!!!)

          8. Simon Says says:

            Hahahahahahaha trust me pires I’m the last person in the world to vote for trump. Ok I’ll let you know what I think the clubs values are, to make Stan the most money as possible. Is that right because you’re very good at dodging questions

          9. Ivan says:

            @ pires
            Look at you again abusing people who won’t bow down to your mancrush the dinosaur. As for your Trump voter insult to to the Aussie that has to be a joke. With your little grasp of English your words even sound like Trump, you try to shut people down like Trump and you love old white guys so I have a question – ARE YOU TRUMP?

  3. Maks says:

    Hmmm, I already said I have a feeling he will stay,
    in the summer, after the World Cup, he will have all the roads open to go where ever he wants.
    If he signs a new contract that means Arsenal will strengthen 1st 11 and buy a replacement for Alexis. So minimum 2 new top players? … but we still have Wenger so nothing is for sure.

  4. Leeman says:

    Stop gunning the gaffer for a change. What about the players not doing the job on the park!!!??
    I would actually prefer Mesut to stay and Alexis to be sold pronto. I think Ozil has come on in leaps and bounce, but Alexis is still a dividing force in the squad. Too much sulking, and lost possession. Dwells too long on the ball, and only looks to pass to certain players, and very predictable.

    1. Maks says:

      I agree, in the present and 1,5 years future I am afraid total change is not possible cos that’s how long Wenger’s contract lasts. But still it is obvious we have to reminde some fans that he should go asap.
      I hope Ozil stays, and Alexis should play his last game tonight.

  5. jl75 says:

    I’d like him to stay, but I really don’t believe he will. Why would he sign now ? He had plenty of time to make his decision. In a few months, he can get a golden hello with another club. I don’t believe in this type of crappy comments “I love the club and this club made me grow…” He played for Real Madrid: this club made him grow and he left anyway.

    1. Simon Says says:

      I wondered that too but a friend pointed out that while Sanchez has seemingly had a number of teams looking to speak to him ozil hasn’t had many, maybe he’s just realised he’s better off staying where he is, don’t get me wrong I’m happy he is. If we keep 2 out of the 3 then at least we’re only two thirds worse off than what we are now! I’m joking.

  6. Sage says:

    wether he stays or not, we need a miracle to be in top 4 this season with the way we are going! Ozil has not really been that spectacular this season even though in some of the games, he has shown the stuff he is actually made of when he is in form! however, he needs very good and intelligent plays like sanchez to make his efforts productive and sincerely, when sanchez leaves this Month, and we dont get a good replacement, then he will be frustrated and want to leave all over again!
    I wish the lads luck over chelsea today!

  7. mark says:

    If true it’s good news. Sanchez has been of kilter this season and our form has suffered due to how he plays. He loses the ball in advanced areas quite often and seems to play like he is in a school playground at times.

    When Sanchez is not playing to his highest level our form suffers. Not only because he is an excellent player, but because he dominates our team far too much. I would prefer a less selfish player but one who can redistribute those killer passes and advance our play in every game, not just when he feels like it. Sanchez wants the ball even when his form is off, and that is to the teams detriment.

    Sanchez is great on his day but we won’t miss him if we recruit wisely and let the team play as a team again.

    I’d rather keep Ozil and Wilshere for their creativity and all round attacking skills. However, to advance or stay in the top 4 we need fresh blood.

  8. Ivan says:

    Although I think Ozil staying is unlikely I don’t rule it out as I think he is a true mercenary and will go where the money is highest and that could be us.
    Sanchez wants silverware so will not stay with us.

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