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Arsenal MUST go for this Man City midfielder

Why Arsenal Have to Move For this English International!

Among the several positions on the pitch where Arsenal need reinforcements, the most urgent necessity at the moment is at defensive midfield. The Gunners haven’t had a decent midfield enforcer for quite some time now and our lack of one has cost us on innumerable occasions. Keeping this in mind, it just so happens that Manchester City’s James Milner will be out of contract at the end of the season.

While there have been several media reports over the last few months that he will soon be offered a new contract at the Etihad, the Englishman moves closer and closer to being a free agent in the summer. It is understood that the former Villa man will look at his options when the January transfer window opens and then make a decision about his future, keeping more regular first-team football as a priority.

Keeping that in mind, why wouldn’t Arsene Wenger make a move for him when the transfer window reopens in the new year? Whilst he may not be a typical midfield enforcer, any fan of the Premier League will tell you that he is more than capable of doing a job in that area of the pitch. Besides, he can even play a little further in midfield, on the flanks and even in both full-back positions. When you’ve got an injury-ravaged squad on most occasions like Arsenal do, a versatile player like James Milner can be a life-saver.

At 28 years of age, the English international has a few good years of service ahead of him as well. Milner is not really a winger these days and is mostly utilized by City as the ‘steel’ in a team that is full of flair and I believe Arsenal can effectively use him in the same way as well, and give him more game-time! Manuel Pellegrini will certainly like to avoid losing him for free in the summer and would at least consider selling him on a cut-price deal in January, squad depth isn’t an issue that the current Premier League champions have to deal with.

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41 thoughts on “Arsenal MUST go for this Man City midfielder

  1. Dan.M

    No balance in our team we need a CDM playmaking mid and a CAM who can run at defences

    Cabbage schneiderlin

    Would be amazing

  2. joeboy

    Why milner just another player who isnt a proper CDM and already have plenty of them! Need a matic type figure

  3. Twig

    Milner is a regular in Pellegrini’s City side? He’s very different from their other silky, technical midfielders. No, I don’t think City will sell. Why not offer Southampton an offer they can’t resist for Schneirdelin instead? Anyway, I don’t think we’ll even sign any CDM in January 😀

    1. joeboy

      Probably wont buy anyone in january coz wenger knows best! And waiting for diaby to get fit. Wenger is a joke of a manager

      1. YuukiShindouGoArsenal

        Karlstorm… We do business in january like some amateur management…

        I don’t think we’re gonna do better than last season….

        Sometimes i was wondering if wenger have some kind of fetish for feeling pleasure being criticized & bad mouth for… Anyone..??

        1. muffdiver

          i dont ‘stalk’.

          i follow 24/7
          break into his home an smell his clothing
          pretend im him when im out with friends

          what do u take me for – crazy!

  4. YuukiShindouGoArsenal

    Please just sign what we really need right now..

    CB & DM really need some boost on quality presence… Some beast in front back four & versatile CB if we still gonna play with zonal marking, some pacey like kos could boost our back confident… Realize how bad mert is, he is not leader material for our back but Kos is the only one.. Why wenger choose him over kos for vice captain is beyond me, maybe cuz he’s world champ…??

    What our arsenal have been lost are the leader on the field… Act more – less talk, that is captain’s job….

  5. Trudeau

    I don’t see any logic in Milner. He is 28 and has never played DM in his life. If Wenger wants to gamble it would more sense to give Wilshire the role who at least is showing promise there for England. We need someone who has been there and done that, not another player out of position.

  6. t berg

    Bring le coque back and drop either the ox or sanchez for campbell..if we could bring back jenko it would be great

  7. ShaqCoyg94

    Ezequiel Garay and Javi Garcia would’ve been perfect.

    Wenger is a joke he sold Ignasi Miguel knowing we was short on defenders so why sell him surely would’ve been better playing him centre back than monreal. On deadline he sells like him like he’s going to buy a solid defender us fans are craving for… But no he goes on spends 16mil on a striker who isn’t even clinical would’ve been better off spending that on a defender or holding mid. And now where we are in a position where we are struggling defensively he lets Coquelin go on loan I’m sorry it’s just not good enough anymore it’s time for you to go.

    1. jermaineBryan

      Monreal has been surfice at cb the problem was chambers came into cb forcing mertesacker to the left centre back position were he struggled

  8. mr lean

    Wenger had the whole summer to buy a CB and CDM and failed to do so,why do you think he will act in the winter window when it is so much harder to get players as clubs will not let them go.we will buy a CB and CDM but not of the quality we so badly need and also because Wenger will not pay over the odds.expect two unproven youngsters in .

  9. mr lean

    I’m down and sad today as no matter what I and other aob say or do the fact is the owner and board back Wenger,the club will not allow any Wenger out banners in the ground and far to many fans still trust the old stubborn fraud of a manager to win the league again !
    I will always support the club and players and will attend matches but I will protest on my own if needed until Wenger is replaced.

    1. hardy

      Hi @Mr,lean how are you?
      I can feel your pain as this was the year we all had hoped for after 9 years of failure

      Its pretty sad that at this club you cannot even ask questions of the manager and if you got the balls to do it
      Then there are some people who have blind faith in wenger and try to put us down

      This club has accepted mediocrity

      For the nxt 2 years all we are gonna hear is
      CHELSEA AND MAN CITY HAVE UNLIMITED FUNDS(while we don’t even spend ours)

  10. HA559

    No Sissoko is a better option, but he won’t come to Arsenal if Newcastle beat us next week.

    That first goal we conceded yesterday has so many mistakes in it.
    Mertesacker and Chambers twice come to challenge Crouch to win a header and both time they fail.
    Gibbs instead of blocking an angle for a cross, shows the angle for a cross.
    By that time Mertesacker for some reason comes out of his position to the left near Gibbs.
    Chambers then has a free header to clear, but completely misses the ball.

    1. jermaineBryan

      Sissoko is more ramsey than def mid he has no defensive discipline your going purely of physique

    2. proffetic

      Mertesacker actually ducked to avoid the ball when Crouch won ball in the air for third goal. We don’t need Milner but I hope Jenkinson will come back and I wouldn’t be against Song returning. I have never such a pathetic performance by any back four, as Arsenals yesterday. Our defense are surely the worst in EPL. Too much has been asked of Chambers and Bellerin. There is no point in suggesting names to replace such weak performers because nothing will happen Mertesacker our worst player is now Captain and spokesperson…

  11. HA559

    Jenksinon alone would have saved us a fair few points in the league. Why he is loaned out? So Chambers can be nurtured, which is a joke because he has been nurturing Jenkinson in the first team for 2 seasons and now he is loaned out.

  12. arselonia

    Off topic…
    The #WengerOut crowd which I’m one of the advocate doesn’t want him gone because they hate him, they want him gone because they want him to succeed but realise he can’t.

  13. Mick The Gooner

    All available transfer funds should’ve dedicated to a top class centre back and top class defensive midfielder. No cheap fixes, let’s get it done properly for a change.

    For me, we should be looking at Hummels to replace Mertesacker – I’m convinced he’s no longer up to it now, he has some good games, but as a defender, consistency is vital. Hummels will m be very expensive and difficult to sign, but I’m hopeful we can do it. He’s perfect for us – big, strong, top quality and already speaks English. Vitally, he’s also a leader. Hummels and Koscielny, on paper, would rival and defence in the league.

    For a defensive midfielder, I’d sign Krychowiak from Sevilla. Is he top class? Open to debate but I think he’s up to it. A big, strong, defensively minded player that isn’t scared of a physical battle. At 24, he’s not too old either, and his injury record looks quite clean, unlike others.

    Realistically it’d cost us around £45m to get both of them. That’s stretching our budget, but sadly it looks like Podolski is on his way out, that should give us around £10-15m, plus Campbell seems to be on the same path, that’s another £10m perhaps. We have enough wingers to lose both Podolski and Campbell and not need to replace them. So that gives a net cost of £20-25m.

  14. chenrob2

    Let’s be fair, it’s been a comedy of transfer errors from Wenger, not the least the inability to purchase a true DM and no, Milner is not a DM. But watching this West Ham game, Jenkinson looks really good and would’ve done a better job than Chambers; he did admirably well filling in for Sanga. Wenger could’ve had Song on loan to play that DM role, and it’s looking a s such an opportunity loss.

  15. sam-afc

    When the winter transfer window opens, wenger must go all out and bring in some top top top players as he says. If business isn’t done within a week of the window opening. Expect the (spend some fuc*ing money chant) I was at the villa 3-1 loss last season. It seemed to worked then. Because we signed özil a couple of days after that defeat. Fans will be the key if wenget doesn’t get his act right.

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