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Arsenal to complete £26m Mustafi transfer with Monday medical?

Arsene Wenger has made a vow to the Arsenal fans this week that there will be another centre back added to the playing staff before the end of the summer transfer window. While the Frenchman has previously pleaded for patience and understanding of how hard it is to get the right players in, this confidence is certainly a turnaround so perhaps it is because he is already on the verge of completing a deal.

That is what the Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli is claiming, according to a Daily Star report, and the player that will be joining the Gunners is the much rumoured Germany international star Shkodran Mustafi. The journo says that we have agreed on a transfer fee of almost £26 million with his Spanish club Valencia and he also revealed the reason for the delay, with Mustafi carrying a minor injury that we needed to be sure would not be an ongoing problem.

He also claimed that the medical was set for Monday and that as long as nothing untoward showed up the deal would be signed, sealed and delivered. Arsenal fans will be hoping that this respected member of the football press has got good sources, because I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not sure how much more of this transfer frustration I can take.


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36 thoughts on “Arsenal to complete £26m Mustafi transfer with Monday medical?

      1. Juhislihis McLovin

        3 goals in 2 matches for Ibrahimovic. FREE.

        4 goals in 2 matches for Lacazette. Would’ve been £40 mils some time ago.

        “But the quality is not there”
        “The market’s inflated”

  1. muffdiver

    great just one month late, but hey ho.

    off topic another goal for zlatan
    im jealous….trying not to be..the names they brought in..the feelgood factor about the place…

    im actually watching a united game..why?!!!

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      I think you are watching the Utd because of Zlatan lol
      or maybe all their new signings Zlatan, Pogba, Mkhitaryan
      Nothing wrong with watching a Utd game lol

      Zlatan will score 30 goals this season. He is a monster

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Getting a CB is important but getting a Quality striker would be even better and is as important

  3. Fatboy Gooney

    That would be absolutely hilarious if Mustafi turns out to be another injury prone player …. @ Arsenal.

    Now I understand what Wenger meant by ” The right kind of player’s, not being available”

      1. Juhislihis McLovin


        what about our forward’s penalty against Liverpool? All goals count.

        4 goals in 2 matches for Lacazette, 4 goals conceded at home for Arsenal.

  4. kamn288

    The main reason Mustafa is bought is due to Gabriel injury and his form. Nobody can reach their highest level under Wenger. Man utd look set for title and City are likely to score goals to get themselves closer to them and Chelsea are unpredictable they can win the league but also finish with a great record against top 4 opponents. It leaves Liverpool,Arsenal,Tottenham and if he can deliver 4th them it will be a great achievement from the team with the form and injury.

  5. tissiam

    the guy has been spending the last month saying that we were going to sign mustafi in the next 72 hours!!

  6. Dr Dremotosh11

    Did you say Emanuele?dont believe anything until I see him in red and white, a serious manager who have ambition and not following useless principles, should no that he needs to sign a CB even before the liverpool game! He’s, gambling trying to see if kos and chambers will fit in well then use rob and Beilik as sub,just wait and see!

  7. Twig

    I think Wenger should stop commenting on other people’s players (ibrahimovic, pogba etc), and concentrate on getting the class that his team – Arsenal – needs.

    1. Bigvalbowski

      Just don’t see it happening Twig, there isn’t a club or manager in world football that TALKS more about potential players and transfers than our beloved Arsenal.

      Even if Usamov granted Le Prof an unlimited spending summer spree the senile old fool would still penny pinch.

      Arsenal should be signing the other Southampton CB, Van Dyjk has been brilliant.

    2. Juhislihis McLovin

      He can afford to comment on other teams players because he’s not interested getting new players for us.

      He arrogantly wants to “find” gems like Asano and if they do well, take the credit and say “I told you so”. If Asano fails then nothing, he won’t take the blame for gambling on him or anything like that. There’s no winning with this guy.

  8. badenglish

    Wenger wasted 70000000 for the average players Mustafi and Xaka (Mr invisible). For this money he can easy buy world class Draxler.

    1. jonm

      I have the same problem on my ipad, adverts are for fiat spider. Can only see narrow vertical strip of just arsenal. Basically site is virtually unviewable.

  9. Keyisha

    I wonder how fans can go on believing this senile man. Let’s all assume he actually signs Mustafi and his medical goes through on Monday, what happens next if we Arsenal does not have a prolific striker. Oliver Giroud is just an ordinary player that can only play for this club and no other club. Well will not be surprise if the deals goes down the drain has usual. Wenger and board of directors would not leave this club until it’s in relegation.

  10. muffdiver

    andy carroll scored a hat trick against
    peter crouch scored a hat trick against us
    zlatan ….

    * bouldy grabs lubricant

  11. Wayne Barker

    Zlatan is killing the league so far. He is a monster. I am freaking irritated with wenger and his joke policy.

  12. dragunov762mm

    The same journalist who leaked about Icardi, was it? It could go either way, but to think that AW won’t make another transfer after such emergency situation is totally INSANE.

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