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BRILLIANT news as TOP defender declares for Arsenal

If this had happened a year ago then I do not think that too many Arsenal fans would have been all that bothered, because the Spanish international Nacho Monreal had not had the most impressive first full season as a Gunner. He was clearly the second choice behind our England international Kieran Gibbs and seemed to be suffering a crisis of confidence.

So not only has he proved his ability on the pitch this season, overtaking Gibbs in the plans of Arsene Wenger, but he has showed great strength of character in order to do so. That is why the rumour that he was wanted back in Spain by La Liga’s Athletic Bilbao and was ready to leave was a big blow to us.

Monreal, however, has now revealed that he does not want to leave Arsenal, as reported by The Mirror. The left back is more than happy where he is and with just a year left on his current contract, Monreal has declared that he is ready to sign an extension and stay in north London.

He said, “I have one more year on my contract and I would like to stay.

“I am very lucky to play for Arsenal, and am very happy to play for Arsenal. If the boss wants me to stay, I will – and I’d like to extend my contract.”

I am fairly sure that the boss will want him to stay and at 29-years old we do not need to worry about him slowing down for a few years. The only person connected with Arsenal who might not be pleased with this transfer development is Kieran Gibbs but hopefully it will push the Englishman on to greater things.

Those two highlight just how much strength in depth the Gunners now have in many positions but which one will be first choice next season?

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28 thoughts on “BRILLIANT news as TOP defender declares for Arsenal

  1. WM

    Pedro now out of the question. May not have been a top target of ours, but it only emphasises how quickly we have to act in the transfer window.

    1. Dee@ease

      True we must act smartly and quickly no dilly dallying because TOP Quality players are at a premium all the top clubs want them

      1. ArseOverTit

        Us? Move quickly?

        When it comes to transfers we suffer from Mertesacker syndrome..

        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

          I am very happy when our club refuses to pay prima donnas 250,000 per week.

          Let them go to Man U , PSG,Chelsea and the other clubs owned by states where slavery is allowed or Russian with mafia money.

          1. ArseOverTit

            Is that what Pedro is asking them?

            I don’t agree with such prices either unless it’s Messi or Ronaldo.

            Was just commenting on our perceived lack of urgency in bettering/filling out rank before and over the transfer window.

    2. Luko Bratzi

      Gibbs was all we had and we lost games because of him Monreal is like Coquelin we need a good back up, Gibbs won’t get any better just like Bently good when first on scene but didn’t improve. Seriously watch the games and count how many times he passes back, and against Sunderland he hardly got a pass off his own players in the first half, now that says something. CB

  2. Dee@ease

    We need Monreal to stay he’s more dependable than Gibbs who spends too much time out injured!

  3. muffdiver

    love me some nacho.what a massive improvement hes made

    what did i say last year…
    we should get rid of nacho, hes always gettin caught out, he cant do the basics hes pants etc
    oh dear…muffdiving? more like drunk driving…what a fail i had there.

    glad he proved me wrong

      1. arsenalman365

        Cech, Schneiderlin and Higuain would take us to a champions league winning team. Nacho Monreal is 100 better than his early days and now seems to be a rock-solid defender. Fair play to him.

        1. Mick The Gooner

          CL winning? It would put us in contention for the Premier League, but the CL is a whole lot harder – we don’t have a Suarez, let alone a Messi or Neymar, nor do we have a Bale or Ronaldo, or Robben or Schweinsteiger. They’re a cut above. Yes it’s not impossible to beat them, but to beat them you have to be outstanding defensively, and we aren’t a defensive team.

          I don’t think we’ll have a real chance at the CL until after the Messi/Ronaldo era, because after those two, it’s a far more level playing field. Plus the TV deal means we’ll be as rich as Bayern, Barca and Real too. That should hopefully mean we can actually compete for the CL every year, not just hope for a lucky run.

  4. Ivan Gazidis

    The best time to sell a player, is when they are at their best.
    (i.e. Henry, RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Song, etc.) #WarChest

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      Why obsess with traitors; they left when we were in shits. Wenger held us together with duct tape and string.
      Feck em; we are now back to cruising speed. Don’t mention the c**s again

  5. Robin Vanpayslip

    Being a left back is like making love to a beautiful woman. You need pace, stamina and the ability to overlap. Any crossing must be precise. But most important of all, you need to be alert and have the ability to react first.

  6. Rationalist

    This is good news. Seems Monreal’s spells at centre-half may have toughened up his left-back game a bit.

    I must admit that like many I had serious doubts about him in his first season and had a few choice words to describe some of his defensive naivety. But what an improvement! Certainly enough of an improvement to start next season as first choice and see how it pans out.

  7. Mick The Gooner

    I quite like Nacho. He’s not particularly interesting or a world beater, but he’s just a solid left back, or has been recently at least.

    But how many top left backs are there anymore? Azpilicueta is good defensively but is reluctant to get forward. Luke Shaw is always out injured. Alberto Moreno and Danny Rose are average at best. Clichy is decent but not great. Baines is overrated.

    Even in Europe I can’t think of an outstanding left-back. Nacho isn’t a world beater, but who is?

  8. fred cowardly

    Defensively we just need solid defenders as you say and Monreal is definitely a solid LB

    Very happy with him. Hopefully he will push Gibbs and Gibbs will push Monreal. We need another young promising LB

    On RB very happy with Debuchy, Bellerin and I hope Jenkison stays as third RB.

    We are fine in centre with Koscielny, Mertsacker, Gabriel and Chambers

    DM: Coquelin is awesome but need one more.
    Diaby is always injured, Flamini has passed it, Bielik and Chambers need more experience

    So defensively we need another DM and young LB in my opinion

  9. Colin

    Personally, I think Monreal took the brunt of our defensive frailties last season. Yes he did get caught out of position at times, and he was beaten on occasions, but all defenders are, but let’s face it, our attack in general was pretty diabolical at times.
    Now we have a good defensive unit, and this improvement has show how good Monreal can be. We always say he isn’t as attacking as Gibbs, but I have been so impressed at the way he makes himself available on the left giving us so much more width in the attacking third. God bless him, and I hope he stays with us.

    1. ArseOverTit

      Can’t agree more.
      I think he has improved considerably especially with what he offers in attack.

      And he can defend (which is his job after all)!

  10. moneytalks

    Acc to Nicola Schrira on twitter Arsenal have made 40 m offer to sign Gonzalo Higuain.
    Although this offer is set to be rejected because they want 50 m. Arsenal are likely to increase the offer.

  11. moneytalks

    Monreal deserves a new 4 year contract and pay rise. I heard Coquelin and Bellerin have signed 4 year contract too.

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