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Cheer up Arsenal fans it could be worse (Man Utd lol)

Okay I maybe desperately searching for positives after Arsene Wenger disappointed all of the Arsenal fans again by doing his best impression of Smaug, the dragon in The Hobbit films that sleeps on a vast hoard of gold and treasure and tries to kill any who dare to approach.

But I really do believe that things could be a lot worse for Arsenal fans. For one thing, all this talk of consistency and having an established playing squad with a good team spirit is not just hot air. It may not feel like it after our sluggish start but the Gunners have got a strong side and when, or if, we click into gear then last season proved that Arsenal are now a formidable force.

And like the title says, it could be worse. Man United have tried to improve by spending money but has it worked? Are you convince that Memphis Depay, Schweinsteiger and this laughably overpriced young Frenchman Anthony Martial will make them title contenders?

Are Chelsea´s last minute panic buys even going to get a game? Have they just repeated United´s blunder with Falcao? Have Liverpool just swapped a few duds for a few different duds? Have Man City really spent well by bringing in more small and tricky players, a la Wenger and spending a king´s ransom to do so?

One thing is for sure, that Arsenal´s one and only signing Petr Cech will be a good one and will help our title chances. Can you really say that of our rivals?

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45 thoughts on “Cheer up Arsenal fans it could be worse (Man Utd lol)

  1. Adhi_gunner


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    1. galaxygooner

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      1. muda

        I won’t swap United’s team for ours, including the guy I don’t like (Giroud)

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        1. Harryjone01

          Please, admin should not bring up or fabricate any transfer news about the free agent players. We are done with rumours…Let’s just forget the whole issues of transfer…I still remain loyal like before…WE ARE ARSENAL

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      2. FFFanatic

        Hmmmm I’m not sure Man Utd are AS good as you say they are. Having watched a couple of their games I’ve seen a team with a very potent attack and a very ramshackle defence. They are leaving lots of space between the lines and lots of space in behind. They’ve not really played anyone of quality and the closest to quality they’ve faced (Spurs) was a game that was as cagey and poor as any top side clash I’ve seen in recent years. I’m concerned by United but I certainly do not think they will be “out of sight”.

        Also, I wouldn’t be so confident in Chelsea. Ivanovic and Terry look like they’ve lost themselves over the summer. A yard or two of pace can really damage a player and both are on the wrong side of the age barrier these days. Combine that with the fact teams have finally sussed Azpilicueta and you might see Chelsea conceding more. Their strike force seems as potent as ever, but remember, if they go off the boil and retreat to seeing out games, the fact their defence has seen better days might start to leak a few extra points.

        Granted – I agree with the sentiment we’re not really up to code but I think we can still tossle for a good top 4 spot, not just battling to keep 4th. I’ve still got a lot of faith in the team, even if I’ve lost a lot of faith in our manager.

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    2. Bro Kwame Arsenal

      Seriouly the only team im scared of now is Man City.

      I look at man u, chelsea and liverpool and i see impotence. We will finish above them all. We must concentrate on catching up with city.

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  2. markben

    the fact is that without a stand buy dm and a worldclass striker…i dont tink we can go for the title…but i dont know what wenger is up to.coyg

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    1. Jerick

      It is what it is. All I got to do as of now is just to support the team. On paper, I think it is only Manchester City along with Chelsea who has a team that is slightly superior than ours. We just need to turn up and play our game.

      With that being said, we will need to have good tactics and game plan to grind out results when it seems unlikely. #yagunnersya

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      1. FFFanatic

        On paper Man Utd have a better team than us. In reality, they have a bunch of mercenaries who are not gelling together well and are backed up by a ramshackle defence who are prone to errors due to the constant fear of being dropped for sneezing at the wrong moment. Van Gaal is doing terrible things at United, which is lucky, because they are buying up high qualities signings in every window. They still look like a steroid junky who skipped leg day but they sure as hell are more potent up top then we are at the moment!

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  3. medvet

    so, petr cech can make us title contender, but (schneiderlin + Schweinsteiger + depay) or (falcao + pedro) or (sterling + de bruyne + otamendi) not? hahaha. who wrote this shittte?…

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    1. galaxygooner

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    2. supertuur

      Chelsea and City have not solved their homegrown problems and have a thin squad. That will come to haunt them over 60 days. They will need to start playing some of their youth into the first team. It could yield some good results for them in the longer run but it will cost points.

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  4. Eddy Hoyte

    rubbish!! you don’t know how you just made a fool of we gon take swipe at our opponents who tried to and improved their squad..just get a break, i know we all mad and unhappy but don’t expect me to try and laugh at others you cus our coach treats us like dirt. goodnight fams, at least now i can eat and sleep peacefully,wake up peacefully and not give myself HBP..

    fr d record: damn you wenger!!

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  5. FFFanatic

    Honestly, City have bought well. They have added wingers – something they’ve been direly lacking – and bought a new centre back. The rest of their team doesn’t need huge amounts of tuning so it was a good window for them. They have an abundance of quality in every single position, it’s quite scary.

    Man Utd have also made some shrewd buys, and not so shrewd buys. Their defence still looks as wishy washy as ever, their goalkeeping situation is now completely broken and they just let one of their best young players go out on loan to accomodate…nobody? Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger look to be good buys, as does Depay but it is unproven whether they can actually compete in the style and setup Van Gaal wants. With his cut throat management style and absolute lack of ability to bring out the best in a player, I can’t see Man Utd topping City this year. How can a club spend £250m within 3 years of winning the PL and not win it? I’d safely say you’d have to point fingers at a poor piece of management…

    Chelsea have made some decent signings. Pedro is the pick of the bunch and completes their attacking options. That said, Terry seems to have lost it, Ivanovic seems to have lost it and Azpilicueta is finally being sussed out as being a right back playing at left back. They have no ready made replacements and the guys they are bringing in…well they aren’t used to the premiership yet. I won’t be so bold as to say Chelsea won’t do well this year, because I believe they will, but they have far more chinks in their armour then they did 12 months ago and their signings don’t look like they’ll be instant fixes to plug the holes.

    Which brings me to Arsenal. No signings on the pitch to fill several gaps. Coquelin has nailed down the DM role and actually is doing very well. He’s no beast, but he is an excellent tackler and his positional sense is great for snuffing danger. Our real issues lie in lacking a superb goal scorer and lacking width…mostly on that left hand side. With these glaring issues not addressed we’ll continue to rely on our players playing up to their top quality week in week out with little recourse for plan B. I can’t see it happening honestly and the results so far reflect it.

    In short – City have signed well and there is no denying it. United have invested, Chelsea have bought a new star but failed to stop the rot of age. We have done nothing but ignore our flaws. IF we play up to our possible standard…we COULD win it? Most likely I predict these clubs will fill out the top 4 but City currently are head and shoulders above the other 3. We can secure second I believe…but it’ll mean being at the top of our game most of the season. I don’t think we can challenge City considering their excellent window.

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  6. Gigi2

    I will cheer my team no matter what and I do agree that other teams signings aren’t what makes me fear.

    But man I think we had a chance ……

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  7. fred cowardly

    At the end of the day. We are just fans with no power. We have to accept what happened, forget the transfer window and just Support the team

    I’ve heard Ozil has an injury in training.

    Really Shi**y Day.

    We will never win the PL with Wenger in charge.

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  8. Shah of Arsenal

    What an atrocious day, I can’t wait to see what excuse Wenger says this time…

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  9. fred cowardly

    At the end of the day. We are just fans with no power. We have to accept what happened, forget the transfer window and just Support the team

    I’ve heard Ozil has an injury in training.

    Really Shi**y Day.

    We will never again win the PL with Wenger in charge.

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  10. Twig

    “Are you convince that Memphis Depay, Schweinsteiger and this laughably overpriced young Frenchman Anthony Martial will make them title contenders?”

    For this season, probably not. But yes, it’s enough to make them finish above us on the league table. Would you like that?

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  11. KickAssFan

    Now I’ve got all my attention on Danny. I seriously hope he doesn’t disappoint.

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  12. LoCkAy

    Really!! This is what it gets to??
    Who in here gives a toss about Man United??
    Typical Arsenal bullshit trying to find comfort in some else misery!!
    I am sorry, but there is fact we cannot forget… Man united is a bigger club and more glorious (20 leagues)
    I could not give a f*ck about Man U problems since we have our owns…

    Let’s not forget site that we have won f*ck all (sorry fa cup that is not trophy! Nobody remembers the fa cup winner except in this country, but people will remember the winner of the CL for ever in Europe and beyond) for more than 10 years.

    We should wonder why the money is not spent. Why such expensive prices for seats? What are we paying for? Wenger wages (overpaid f*cker)?
    We should worry about our shite and hope we can still grab a top four finish.
    As for Wenger, in 3 or 4 matches, those deluded fans will sing his name again and all will be forgotten…

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    If this article was meant to cheer me up, well it didn’t MANURE, SHITTY, CHELSHIT they have all won the EPL in recent years, if their teams are not top notch at certain time at least they try to build it again to win, our case is different we have this dinosaur leaving in past glories, the man became a stingy little tyrant and his personal satisfaction seems to be shove it to the fans that btw pay his outrageous salary year after year with nothing to show for, look at the pic yes we qualify to CL so what, we are the 5th biggest team in the world, we are not SOTON, SPUDS or HULL but we are as far as these teams to win a real trophy, it will not happen while Le Frog is still in charge, what a way to stain a legacy, he should have retired honorably while fans like me still had admiration for the man……WENGER go to …………………..

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  14. Mick The Gooner

    Everyone panicking. I’ll give you some positives. This season will 99% certain be a write-off, yes. A year of suffering, so let’s look ahead to next season already..

    1. We probably have a transfer budget of £60m a year. We only spent £10m so the other £50m will be available for next season, so a £110m budget?

    2. I’m 50/50 on this being a positive, but Wenger probably won’t make it to next season after this showing. There was a huge backlash last season around Christmas time don’t forget. This year it will be even bigger if we fail. So the positive part is we’ll actually get a manager willing to spend that £110m. The negative part? Well I’m not sure. No one can deny that Wenger has done a lot of good for this club over the years (1996-2012) so another manager is a bit of a leap into the dark.

    3. Dangote may have bought the club by this time next year so we get even more to spend, and someone that will be willing to give Wenger a giant boot up the backside when he does things wrong.

    And just to end on a negative because we’re all felling negative today. After 12 years without a title, it’ll be difficult to attract any world class stars, and maybe difficult to keep the few we already have. Just hope we still have CL football to attract them with when the time comes, but that’s the one thing Wenger is still good for I guess.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      That 10 million for cech wasn’t used from the war chest lol
      Arsenal made more than that by selling 2 players and loaning out most of our talented young players!

      I wonder what kind of team he will put out in the mickey mouse league cup… surely we haven’t got enough fringe player’s to rest most of key players…. maybe he will give the under 15’s a run out 😂

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  15. scotgunner

    I for one am completely disappointed with today’s events, whether wenger was trying to sign a top top player or not, a club of arsenals stature should not be leaving these things until the last minute. I feel the current squad is the best in years but we are still a couple of players away from being genuine title contenders and for this reason I think wengers time is up as he has failed to address the same positions for years!!

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  16. Hafiz Rahman

    Same shit last 10years…

    Time for a change….


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    1. Mick The Gooner

      I don’t think that’s quite fair. People need to stop jumping on the ’10 years’ bandwagon and acknowledge that the stadium did hold us back until around 2012. Wenger did very well to keep us in the CL from 2005-12. Credit where it’s due. Since 2012 however, he’s failed miserably. 2 FA Cups is good, but we want the league. For me it’s not so much the fact that we haven’t won the league, it’s that we haven’t really even challenged for it. We haven’t come close. That’s failure in my book. Should that cost him his job? For me, he had to do it this season as a last chance, and by the looks of it he isn’t going to…

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      1. Hafiz Rahman


        Poor tactical decision every season….

        Example…Ramsay playing on wings….??

        Poor Subs

        Using Sub in the last 5mins???

        Failure to strengthen in weak position every season for last 10 years…

        we need a striker he gets an ACM, we need a CB he gets something else

        Winning 2 FA Cups is not good enough…..Top clubs priorities the league and the CL

        ITs time for a change!!!

        Time for a new MANAGER!!

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  17. summerbreez

    funny how our strikers choked when the roomers went about

    This will be a good test for the squad as they are together a while they got to come out with the goods

    many players had chances normally its a score in all arsenal matches arsenal put up a good fight arsenal keep a high percentage of the ball with high number of passes attaching regularly with many chances on target go begging These chances got to score on the board
    We are coming into a an important hard busy period were we will need to be in form running on all cylinders

    At the end We still have joel campbell to make an appearance he could well be the key of the season

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  18. Oga@dtop

    Giroud was making fun of we fans expecting new CF by talking about Benz when he was assured of his place. Posting pic on top of his house(sighs). The desirable is not available…….:.

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  19. seatofthesoul

    I know everyone’s angry and disappointed, I am too, but some of these comments are ridiculous. City are the only side out of the top 5 that actually look as if they’ve improved their team, Man U and Liverpool don’t look like teams and have been pretty poor. In fairness we’ve started poorly but in the grand scheme of things only City will be happy with their start out of the big guns. The key will be putting a good show against our rivals, if we can gain a decent amount of points then we should be there or there abouts.

    We have to put faith in our players, I think Giroud can get 15+ goals, if Walcott plays RW then him and Sanchez should be able to contribute 10-15 each, hopefully Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil can also find some scoring form.

    I’m not predicting the end of the world as many other fans are, let’s hope I’m right.

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  20. lalitsyal

    Wenger not willing to pay against the odds……..someone please remind him NEED is always stronger than WANT……!!!

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    1. Hafiz Rahman


      i dont see anything wrong in paying 50 or 60m for Cavani….

      We are desperately in need of a striker…..


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  21. lalitsyal

    i truely don’t believe in wining this or that……because you can always go down even if you have the world’s best players……more concerning for me is the tactics and the pace of the game which we follow and play……..seriously below par than the Arsenal in have known and seen playing…..!!!!

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  22. SoOpa AeoN


    “Cheer up Arsenal fans it could be worse (Man Utd lol)” …………Trust me author…..u are the only one laughing ere!…….. Cuz our Transfer business so far this window wasn’t really funny at all

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  23. GoonAR

    I think we have a very good squad to challenge for the title but if certain people get injured we’ll be exposed.

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  24. Me

    This is the Arsenal way it seems.
    Don’t blame Wenger for not signing new players but instead take a swipe at clubs who have shown a bit of ambition in the transfer market.
    Wenger seems to be devoid of all responsibility for his actions (or lack of action) which makes me believe that he will never leave or there will never be a reason to remove him.
    Arsenal are a joke…

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