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Could this be the year that Ozil wins the Ballon D’or?

One of the best things to happen during the transfer season is to read about how every other player is linked to Arsenal. But, the other side of the coin is to read all those stories that keep linking Arsenal players with the exit door.

So, one of the latest speculations coming out of the media is of Mesut Ozil. The German playmaker is linked with a transfer to Juventus. There is no way to determine the authenticity or even the origins of these. But these tend to make their way to the management. And so when Wenger came out suggesting that Ozil is not going out anywhere, he probably meant to quash the rumours.

Ozil joined the Gunners from Real Madrid two years ago. During this time he made 48 Premier League appearances. The German midfielder made a promising start to his Arsenal career. He became an instant favourite with the fans. Since his signing was also a costly one, there was a sense of appreciation among fans that finally Wenger is ready to loosen the purse strings.

However, his form tapered off and last season was full of ups and downs. Sadly for the supporters, there were more downs than ups. There was too much pressure on Ozil because of the expectations. It looked like he was a little bit unsettled until he returned from injury tougher and stronger.

“If I continue to develop well and stay healthy, I would like, in the next few years, to hold the Ballon d’Or in my hands,” Ozil said. “I am convinced that it can happen.

“I’m feeling very positive. I’m a world champion and I play at a top club in the Premier League. There is much more of a physical test here than there is in Spain or in the Bundesliga – I constantly have bruises, but that makes me harder. I feel physically better than ever.”

Wenger was quick to refute the rumours that the German international is set for a switch to the Serie A Champions Juventus. Wenger already has reiterated his wish to put Ozil in the central role ratherthan Alexis Sanchez. This way he wants to get the best out of his German star. And all this despite the fact that Sanchez had the best of that role in the Copa America.

It would be an interesting season not just for Wenger but also for Ozil. He often gets criticized for being invisible in important games. That is a bitter truth that will hurt Ozil till the time he starts performing against big teams.

There is no way Ozil is moving out of the club this season. We can’t say it for sure that he will stay at the club forever. But, Ozil is surely staying for another year and will prove his worth. Moving into a central role should help Ozil and Arsenal. Who knows…maybe at the end of next season, the Gunners could win the Champions League and Ozil could get that Ballon D’or that he yearns for?.


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62 thoughts on “Could this be the year that Ozil wins the Ballon D’or?

  1. Budd

    No. I don’t believe Ozil will win the Ballon D’Or this season. I am writing this now so that I can come and apologize at the end of the year if he does gets it.

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    1. k-ool

      lol…well I can guarantee you that he is not winning it at the end of the year. It’s between two players as it has been for the past 8 years.
      Don’t come back.

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    2. trophyhungry gooner

      common ozil…how do you expect to win it if you continue playing behind a log in giroud a whole 90 minutes for more than 50 games a season????…even the ballon d’or master messi couldn’t make top 10 in nomination playing alongside giroud and welbeck..that simply would be against the laws of nature…if henry who scored like 230 goals for arsenal knows we cant win the league with giroud as our cf, who am i or who are you!! to insist that we can

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      1. KickAssFan

        There’s a bad truck upfront, dear Ozil, and it’s caLled “Giroud”.

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        1. galen

          Nonsense. We all want a new striker. but using Giroud as an excuse for Ozil is poor poor poor. I have seen ozil miss penalties and people blame Giroud. That is wrong. everyone needs to be his own man. Ozil is like any sportman. They all have bad days sometimes.
          But when ozil is poor we should not put the blame on Giroud. Even Messsi has bad days.

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          1. KickAssFan

            Eh, Galen, but isn’t it just the basic truth that Giroud makes Ozil look bad with his game style? Basically Giroud isn’t fast and smart enough to play in front of a guy like Ozil.

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              1. KickAssFan

                Lol! Tnx, mate. Hope I don’t get punched in the face when I mention ur name.

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        2. muda

          He (Ozil) needs to score more goals to be considered contender of D’or. Sanchez?? Why not he have it all written in the sky.

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          1. YingYang69

            I always thought the ballon dor to be unjust. The winner wins it for being in a team which has bettered Europe, the league and or the world. Then the best or most popular player in that team picks it up. Sometimes its accurate, being apart of a team which can win all that stuff well you need to be a hugely talented player. Still, there has been cases where others have shined just as much and even better but will not get a look in as they are one of a few hugely talented players playing at a club with less finances or just less medals. Also they may not have such a wealth of class players around them making things easier.

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      2. Budd

        Ozil can pick Sanchez for a killer pass. Or Walcott. Or Welbeck. Or even Giroud if that results in goals.

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        1. trophyhungry gooner

          the real question is…How many passes does he have to pick for the log “giroud” to score…a return of a goal per like 20 killer passes will not even make him a ballon d’or contender

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          1. Budd

            This is a question no one can answer. Last season Giroud basically converted almost every assist he got from Ozil. Were not so many. Ozil was also injured.

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    3. galen

      To be best in the world you first of all need to be the best at your club. Then you have to be the best in that country.

      Last season Ozil was not amongst our players of the season. 1) Sanchez 2) Cazorla 3) Coq

      After that You need to be in Premier league team of the year. Sanchez was etc

      Then You need to win Premier league footballer of the year. Sanchez was in contention.

      Then you can start talking about balon d’or.

      Ozil needs to first of all be the best player at Arsenal. 2 season ago Ramsey was. last season was Sanchez. You can’t be best in Europe when you are not evven the best player at your team.
      This is Ozil’s first pre season for the club. With luck on injuries he could make the premier league team of the year and be a contender for player of the year. But first he must be the best at Arsenal. At the moment cazorla and sanchez are better players.

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      1. true goon

        Well said,you must crawl b4 you can walk.An at the moment Ozil is not ven close to a ballon d’or nomination let alone winning it,hes just not good enough to compete with Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,Suarez,ibra etc,h just doesn’t score enough goals to compete.Your rite galen,he needs to try winning sports writers player of the year or the pfa player of the year first.
        Unless Ozils talkin about after Messi an cr7 retire,but even then he will have to get his goals up.

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  2. Gunner

    1st EPL Player of the season then look at Ballon D’or?…
    Honestly with Messi around, highly unlikely of anyone else getting the Ballon D’o…He is in a different class altogether…

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    1. k-ool

      Not Ronaldo’s biggest fan but he is up there with Messi. They are the only 2 in their class.
      It takes a special player to be on par with Messi or outscore Messi and to do it for what?… 2 or 3 years now in a row. Very bad team spirit however.

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      1. jonestown1

        Classic bar room banter – I liked the guy who said Ronaldo is the best player in the world – but Messi is out of this world. Only my opinion, but I think Messi is as far ahead of Ronaldo as Ronaldo is ahead of the chasing pack.

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        1. true goon

          i agree with you jonestown1,Messi is far ahead of cr7,even if cr7 scored more in the last 2 seasons this is irrelevant to me because messi offers so much more to the team than cr7,hes involved in all the moves an has far more assists than Ronaldo.

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    2. Incarnate

      ‘Watch the game, you won’t see Ozil, but watch Ozil, then you’ll see the game’

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    3. KickAssFan

      Guys, guys. The Messi that plays for Barcelona iss different from the one the plays for Argentina. I do not mean to take anything away from him, but he won’t be as good as he is if he left Barcelona for another club in another league.

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  3. k-ool

    Maybe (tbh, when Messi, Ronaldo are done, it belongs to Neymar)…but first Ozil has to have a striker that will convert the chances he creates and then he has to raise his own game by scoring 10 to 15 every season and assisting in greater amount.
    I love Ozil and he has all the quality to play at a higher level than he has been playing but come on Fabregas comes back last year and smashes assist record. Oil should be doing that.
    That is what a world class ST gives you.
    You want to see the real Ozil then put Benzema, Cavani, Lewandowski, Lacazette, Lukaku, Costa, Aguero etc in front of him and his value will come out.

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    1. jonestown1

      The problem is that the biggest Ozil benefactor at Real Madrid was Ronaldo not Benzema. Ronaldo got 120 league goals in Ozil’s 3 seasons, Benzema got 47. Alexis basically plays where Ronaldo does – shouldn’t Ozil be racking them up with Alexis as well?

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  4. Bigvalbowski

    Anyone think Messi would win the award if he and Ozil changed squads this year? I personally dont. Messi and Ronaldo are unquestionably the two best players on the planet but being surrounded by the likes of Neymar, Suarez, Benzema, Bale, etc doesn’t hurt. Other than Sanchez, does Mesut with his specific facilitator style have that many WC options.

    I think we know the answer.

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    1. jonestown1

      That is my only question mark against Messi. What Maradona did at Napoli and for the national team were astounding feats.

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      1. true goon

        you don’t think Maradona had good players at those teams?4 years later in 1990 Maradona had an awful world cup but Argentina still made the final due to defensive tactics,so the team can’t have been that bad.And what did Maradona do at Barcelona?not much

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        1. jonestown1

          Just saying Maradona showed a bit of guts and was prepared to have a go at different clubs in different countries and was passionate about his national team and could often carry his talent on to the national stage. Messi has no reason to want to play anywhere other than Barca and good luck to him – but if he went to say Genoa or Udinese and had a big hand in them winning their first (and second) Serie A titles then that would be something special. Or if he was pivotal in Argentina winning the world cup.

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  5. SG44

    Lukaku is world class? I get ur point but hmm hmm not luka,don’t belittle Giroud that far

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      1. KickAssFan

        Lugabru is not world-class, but he is better the Giroud.

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  6. Wayne Barker

    What is more highly unlikely, Ozil winning BALLON d oR or us winning champions league. As of now both happening seems like a long shot

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    1. Twig

      I think we’re closer to winning the UCL than him winning the ballon d’or.

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  7. Mick The Gooner

    I’m not sure if I like this new away kit or not. It looks a bit grey and dull from afar, but close ups make it look a lot better. It really suits Debuchy.

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  8. nick vee

    OT: now that poldi’s gone, the #9 shirt is vacant, right? So if we dont see anyone like chuba take that shirt, we’re almost 100% sure that there’s a striker coming in. Let’s hope its benz

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    1. Sam, need a striker

      I really hope it is Cavani or Lewandoski (never mind the spelling) both have better work rate and eye for the goal … I would be extremely happy to sign them (including Benzima) … Just I can’t trust Wenger when it comes to filling the gabs …

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    2. KickAssFan

      I really would like a superb striker pulling that on. Hate it when average guys wear the #9 shirt.

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  9. sam-afc

    Since when does a premier league player win the ballon D’or? It won’t happen. It’s made purely for the two big guns of Spain. For the next 3-4 years it’s going to be either Messi or Ronaldo. Same old rubbish.

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    1. Gunner

      Its not rubbish- THEY EARN IT…Ronaldo was from the EPL anyway…As much as I’m more an EPL fan, its sad to say its these same 2 big guns that play in these Spanish clubs that are in the CL finals year in year out..To be regarded as the best in the world is no easy task, and they are able to compete with the best to get there.

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      1. sam-afc

        I know what you’re saying. Just a shame Flamini didn’t get nominated for it….

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  10. fred cowardly

    Its already guaranteed to Messi or Ronaldo

    Messi didnt deserve the World Cup Player of the tournament award but was given anyway

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  11. Arsenal007

    Q: Could this be the year that Ozil wins the Ballon D’or?
    A: I hope so…wish him all the best.

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  12. Okayblack

    Benzema isn’t World class Striker. He’s just better than what we have at d moment. The broken of Arsenal is that Wenger has sworn to be French. And that’s d problem Arsenal will continue to have. Even if we get Benzema, Ozil will still not win Ballon D’or Bcos Benzema is just an upgrade from Giroud. If U need world class strikers, get Suarez, Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Tevez, Muller, Cavani and Falcao of At’Madrid. Then Lewandowski, Lacazzette, Benzema, Diego Costa, Rooney, are of a lower class the d firsts before U talk of Giroud. Now U see why we can’t compete or win major trophies, with Giroud. We deserve better even Thierry Henry repeatedly says it, and yes he’s our all-time highest scorer +French. Wenger need to sign a world-class Striker!!!!!!

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    1. Jimbeam

      If Arsene wants to keep playing the same tactics then the best alternative is Lewandowski. He can do everything Giroud does, the flicks, aerial battles etc.. and score 10-15 more goals then him.

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    2. jonestown1

      Muller?? World class striker?? Never sure what Muller is, very good and adaptable player but world class striker he ain’t. Highest league goal tally in 7 seasons at Bayern is 13. Scores about 1 in 3 games in the league. Not sure how you band Lewandoski and Lacazette together as equivalents. Lewandoski has had 5 years at the top, better than goal every other game – Lacazette is a prospect nothing more, 27 league goals great but disguises the fact that 8 were penalties and none against a top 4 Ligue 1 side.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      For real? Against the Singapore select 11? If thats the case Afobe would have had 2 hattricks…

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      1. jonestown1

        Hey NYG – you can get your mate Afobe in to any conversation can’t you? Get over him man – he is gone.

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        1. NY_Gunner

          Yeah, I like the guy. And Yeah, he’s gone. But it’s no different than goin on and on about what Lewandowski, Reus, Cavani, Higuain, Lacazette, Pogba,Suarez etc. would have, could have done, had we got them. Thing is, we had Afobe and let him go, while holding on to less talented players. While there is no chance in hell we’re getting any of those other named players. But many on here, yourself included, manage to inject their names into every thread.
          Ya see where I’m going with this?

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          1. jonestown1

            Fair enough mate, not knocking you. I’m sure you keep a good mental note of who says what on here – I certainly do. But if you have read anything I have said you will know I am one of the delusional/4th place junkies who has tried to cool people’s boots when it comes to the big ticket names thrown around on here. I do like Lewandoski though. I suspect AW may have had to make a decision on either Akpom or Afobe – I reckon he would have got criticised either way, never easy.

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  13. ThirdManJW

    If Messi and Ronaldo are injured all season, then yes, Ozil may have a chance.

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