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DONE DEAL? Arsenal snap up striker and it’s NOT Gomis!

Well it all seems to be hotting up for Arsenal in the transfer market, as the Gunners are on the verge of completing the second transfer of the January transfer window and this time it is for a striker. And despite a Metro report claiming that the Swansea City star Bafetimbi Gomis is on our list, it is not him.

Unfortunately for the Arsenal fans that have been waiting on tenterhooks for Arsene Wenger to react to our Premier League problems and sign at least a top quality defender and central midfielder, this second signing is very similar to our first, Krystian Bielik, who is highly thought of but at 17-years of age he is not going to help Arsenal this season.

In fact, Bielik has already suggested that it would be a few years before he is likely to break into the first team and our second signing of the year is going to be even longer, because the young Czech striker Martin Graiciar that the Metro reports is due for his Arsenal medical this weekend before completing the transfer from Viktoria Plzen, is only 17-years old.

So the Gunners have wrapped up the deals for two teenage players, which is great news for the future of the club but it would be nice if Wenger did something about what the club needs, desperately, right now!!!

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30 thoughts on “DONE DEAL? Arsenal snap up striker and it’s NOT Gomis!

    1. jermaineBryan

      So we have replaced afobe and Ollssen with younger players with (hopefully)…with the money we got from afobe

      Now for some senior signings

      The Brazilian centre back were linked with is having a good season and he is only 24.krychowiak is also attainable

    2. Luko Bratzi

      Giggs was 17 Fabragas 17 Rooney 17 Beckham 17 why are we dissapionted he looks very very good better than Wlishire so let’s not think all the time that spending millions is always the answer Ozil at 42 million seems a waist but hope now with Sanches and Wellbeck he can show his worth and Coquelin to rub some of the so called fans,his nose in them too.Cant wait for City game being in Australia getting up at 3am now that things are improving is gonna be like ol times COYG CB

      1. sevenitti

        People here dont really know that Gündogan is as much of a CDM as Wilshere and Ramsey. If we’re buying a midfielder from Dortmund, it ought to be Sven Bender – now that’s a proper CDM

  1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

    Welcome to injuries, stunted growth n favoritism 🙁 🙁
    Ask Ox, Gibbs, Wallcot..came with potential n still are said to have potential 🙁 while their agemates are winning trophies n big salaries 🙁 🙁 n ask Podolski, Rosiscky Frimpong n others about favoritism.. 🙁 🙁 n ask all Arsenal players abt injuries 🙁 🙁 🙁 Welcome to that world. Don’t regret 🙁

    1. Mesut O-grillz

      Do you know what playing for Arsenal will do for their careers? We are the 7th most popular franchise in the world. Trust me, these teenagers are living the dream

      1. sevenitti

        7th? According to Forbes, we’re the 5th most valued football club in the world (Passed by Bayern München)

        There’s some strange numbers here though. Looking at operating income (2012/13), clubs like AC Milan, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool, Chelsea, Schalke, Inter and Roma are making more money than us (We’re at $38 million, the rest range from 40 to 100) heck, even Spurs made (almost) as much as us.

  2. Mk2013

    That’s what happens when a team is run by a manager who is not hungry for success. You always get a raw deal. It’s time to change and get a new manager who has passion and is hungry for trophies.

  3. Arsenal 1st Knight.

    Off topic,

    Suicide is when you deliberately support same manager who couldn’t change his tactics irrespective of our opponents for the last 10 years.

  4. Champagne Charlie

    We need a CB, DM, and ST.

    So far that’s a 17 year old DM, and now a 15 year old ST….13 year old CB to be confirmed in the next few days then. Might have to put a few quid on us for the league after these latest signings. Definite contenders…for 2020

    1. sevenitti

      I think it’s funny how we need a new striker after signing Danny Welbeck on Deadline day. Not that i disagree, because i think Welbeck is the worst signing we have done since Andre Santos. In fact, thinking of the transfer fee and salary we’re paying, he might be the worst signing we’ve done in the era of Wenger. Send him on loan to Newcastle, Everton of w/e, buy Lacazette, Schneiderlin and Varane.

      There’s also a rumor about Chelsea being interested in buying Varane+Jese Rodriguez for a total of 35 mill pound. That is a bargain wenger should definetely look further into.

  5. dilla

    Quote from Wenger on the signing of Krystian Bielik…

    “It’s less than 2mil. It’s an awful lot of money for a player if he doesn’t succeed. If he does succeed, then it’s cheap.”

    Once again Wenger only cares about the bargain. Complete bullsh*t. Name me another manager in the world who bargain buys in January when he SHOULD be spending money on players that will help us finish in the top 4, do well in the UCL, and win a trophy this season.

      1. Luko Bratzi

        Have we all forgotten Torries and Shevenko they couldn’t score Abramavich pissed off Mourinio over it a waist of money,so all you guys think if you spend over 10 million your get the player ,but if he don’t wanna come to Arsenal get anyone you have no idea on how to run a soccer club Wenger is a first class manager he doesn’t get swayed by the bitchey bits and he gets it right in the end Mark my words we will finish second if we beat City as we are gonna hurt a lot of you Wingers CB

  6. fred cowardly

    If Wenger had got everybody we needed in the Summer, he could focus all he wants on young players. However, Wenger didn’t even start the season with a complete defense. I mean we started off with 6 defenders for 4 positions. Hé sold Vermaelen without replacing him and loaned of Jenkison.

    January should be for emergencies. Main business should be done in Summer

    Anyway, please sign 1-3 experienced and top quality players. Only 2 weeks left.

    1. Mesut O-grillz

      But what team would be willing to let go of a decent DM during this transfer window? I think we may have no choice but to wait for the summer… which still doesn’t guarantee a signing.

  7. Mk2013

    Manuel Pellegrin’s response on why he purchased Bony, “‘Every team needs good players if they want to win important things”. I hope Wenger could hear that

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