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Champions League a MASSIVE threat to Arsenal title challenge?

A lot will still depend on what happens with Arsenal when the final draw is made for the Champions League group stages on August 29th, but looking at how the Premier League games fall for the Gunners around and about the dates of our UCL group games, we could have a problem on our hands, Houston.

A report by Metro reveals league fixtures faced by Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United (assuming that they get through the play-offs) and straight away it looks a bit grim for the Gunners.

Stoke City at home before our first European game is not bad at all but travelling to Chelsea that weekend is about as bad as we could have wished, so obviously we could do with the Champions League throwing up one of our easier opponents for that matchday.

Our game after matchday two is against Man United, although we are at least at home for that one. Matchday four is sandwiched between a tricky trip to Swansea and the visit of Tottenham for the first north London derby of the season.

With the Premier League trophy a clear priority for Arsenal, and depending on the way the Champions League draw pans out, should Arsene Wenger consider sacrificing our Champions League chances to give us the best chance of becoming domestic champions once more?

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12 thoughts on “Champions League a MASSIVE threat to Arsenal title challenge?

  1. seancali

    With the addition of 3 new players,gk/DM/striker we will have the depth in our squad. We would be able to rotate our players and challenge for both trophies.that’s why we are all crying out for new faces.

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  2. invisible

    No, it won’t. squad depth and rotation is the key. Not the fixtures.

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  3. Just_Trolling

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  4. Gunnerbongo

    To be considered a great team you must be able to handle such fixtures and be competitive still.Arsenal need just 3 signings to be a force to be reckoned with once again and go with front foot in all four fronts.happy times next season……yeah

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  5. invisible

    But will the professor rotate? Will he be able to if he wanted? Will our squad be relatively injury free? Will 3 top players come? Will Wilshere feature regularly? Will Walnut play as CF and start banging in goals? Will Sanchez perform better than last season? so many wills, well I will smoke some wills with szczesny

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  6. Just_Trolling


    These are the fixtures, every team will have problems even if they play against newly promoted clubs.

    Man u, Chelsea, Spuds will have the same problem let’s focus on ourselves and stop crying.

    These are serious titles if it were meant to be easy they would give them to anyone.

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  7. ArseOverTit

    all we need is a squad of sufficient quality and depth (signings please Arsene if your reading ;), a game plan, good management (rotation, tactics & substitutions) a little rub of the green and
    we could do well in both the PL & UCL.

    But without the above we will come up short as we have before.

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  8. SoOpa AeoN

    didn’t chelski participate in the champions league last season?……. What happened to the premier League Title?……..There’s ur answer!

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  9. Just_Trolling

    Apparently Man C bid 40 Mil for Sterling

    Hope Pool make email pay the 50

    Then again the less they sell for the less they can spend. No coincidence they only got free bees so far, cash strapped after last seasons flop

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  10. Gigi2

    Fixtures can help if there’s a balance of course. But in all honesty we had our gift with Monaco and we blew it.
    For me it’s psychological

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