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KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Man Utd loss – Arteta MOTM

Arsenal 1 – 2 Manchester United Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 5
Didn’t really have many saves to make at all and had to go off early after United’s first goal because he was injured by Gibbs. Typical Arsenal with the way we conceded that. Szczesny could’ve been stronger with his punch.
Chambers – 6.5
Only decent defender today. Had to do a lot of attacking because United were left open in wide areas but never really punished them. He does seem too rigid for the RB role long term.
Mertesacker – 2
Absolutely appalling performance defensively. Never really showed up, didn’t pass out from the back intelligently and didn’t command in defensive positions or from offensive corners.
Monreal – 5
He did okay today considering he’s being played out of position. Had to go forward a few times because we were behind but never really made the difference.
Gibbs – 2
Laughable display. Couldn’t do anything offensively and didn’t battle well at all with Valencia or Fellaini.
Arteta – 7.5 (our MOTM)
One of only two players that can really have their heads held high after such a shambolic result. He did all he could to pick up the ball from deep and to distribute. He made numerous tackles and interceptions but the rest of the team let him down massively.
Ramsey – 4
Played like a 16 year old on his PL debut for the majority of the time until we conceded and then he started to play like a midfielder. It really is awful to watch his transformation from talisman to liability.
Wilshere – 3
Didn’t do anything of note offensively and bottled our best chance of the game. He should’ve been sent off as well for a head-butt on Fellaini and now is probably out for the next two months with an injury.
Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7.5
Only decent offensive player today. Completely destroyed United with his runs but he just couldn’t do it all by himself. He’s only 21 after all.
Welbeck – 4
Didn’t do anything that you’d expect from your main striker. Didn’t hold up the ball well enough and just isn’t clinical.
Alexis – 3
It was bound to happen eventually. He had an absolute shocker and yet he somehow created the most chances of the game. He lost the ball numerous times which led to United’s first goal. Always overplayed.
Cazorla – 2
Embarrassing. Just lost the ball in stupid positions and didn’t really affect our attacking play.
Martinez – N/A
Didn’t have much to do apart from pick the ball out of the net after Rooney’s goal.
Giroud – 6.5
He came on, got his head on a few crosses and scored. Couldn’t ask for much more. Shame the team gave him absolutely no platform to impact the game properly.

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74 thoughts on “KJ’s Arsenal player ratings for Man Utd loss – Arteta MOTM

  1. Hafiz Rahman

    time for Klopp to come in…

    Klopp Guarantee titles…

    and he will bring in the entire world classs Dortmund team for free to replace the

    Deadwoods in our team….

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    1. arsenalvienna

      Kloppo would never leave Dortmund in the near future. Need to forget about that.
      But why not try to bring Jupp Heynckes back from retirement? He is the main reason
      for success of Bayern Munich. He won the CL title with Bayern, not Guardiola.

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      1. jfqpmzwo

        Heynckes didn’t come back from retirement when asked by Real, u think he’s gonna come to Arsenal? Seriously?

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        1. phoenix-gun

          Hey fella … It never hurts to try, xpecially if it means wenger stepping down ASAP … So that he (Heynckes) comes in for the short term!!

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    2. arsenalvienna

      Kloppo will never leave Dortmund in the near future. Need to forget about that.
      Lets try to bring Heynckes back from retirment! He is the one who won the CL with Bayern and made them so strong, not Guardiola.

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        1. arsenalvienna

          where did you read that? in the daily mirror? i can guarantee you that he won’t leave Dortmund. i am watching his interviews every week.

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          1. sevenitti

            I too, as both an arsenal and dortmund-supporter, have little faith in seeing Klopp in Arsenal in the nearest future. The most probable cause is that Wenger will refuse to step down for another 4-5 years, but also because Klopp is Dortmund all in and out. But then again, the same thing was said about Guardiola and Barcelona, so one can never really know for sure…

            I think Roberto Martinez or Diego Simeone will be able to do just as well as Klopp (even though Klopp knows the bundesliga better, which is a huge advantage). Our most important transfer the next season will be our manager.

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    3. arsenalfan1

      What’s the point of rating the players when the team doesn’t have a proper manager?

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      1. nickw

        Wenger is the weakest link at Arsenal. Until he goes all we can expect is more of the same. You cant beat top teams if you cant defend and we cant defend. What’s more Wenger doesn’t seem to care enough to do anything about it.

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    4. ArnSam

      No one is letting us down like the fans in London who GO to the emirates…we pay so little to watch the game here on screen. But the people who pay their fortunes that side don’t care to do any thing to prove we are not satisfied with what ever is going on at our beloved Arsenal.
      Back here in Uganda, we recently failed to qualify for AFCON having been leading the table in the last game but failed to draw. One of the goals was a penalty caused suspiciously by the defender(some believe he was given money to enable the opponents go through) guess what happened back here:-his house has been burnt down.

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  2. Hafiz Rahman

    we are gonna play

    City, Chelsea, Utd away next…….

    prepare to get hammered….

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    1. frank

      Mate we have no chance of a top 4 finish, especially if Wenger doesn’t strengthen his defence in January. We all know he doesn’t like to buy in January, that’s what cost us the title last year.

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  3. Twig

    I agree with most of your ratings, but I think giving Gibbs 2/10 was more out of annoyance at his own goal, than how he actually performed. Arteta was MOTM. He used the ball quite well, and I think he’s improved somewhat from last season. Our best games this season, were when we used Arteta and Flamini in midfield. I’ll like to see us revert to do that for the rest of our games. Ramsey needs to get the back the boots he used last season, and if he has gifted them to a fan, please we want Ramsey’s boots BACK!

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    1. Gunnerphyte

      We didn’t play that bad, actually we were the better team just that the luck didn’t go our way…it happens. Defensively we were good and I don’t understand why bfg and monreal r given such low ratings when they had the man u attckers especially rvp in their pockets. I mean united didn’t impose any attacking threat.
      Our attacking was good too, its only unfortunate that. We couldnt get past de gea. I don’t think there’s anyone to blame for the loss… everyone put in a decent performance. even tactically we were the better side…..they couldn’t handle our movement and passing when going forward

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  4. john0711

    Sorry MOM was Chambo worked very hard and provided chances fo DW
    Then Sanchez , I’m not a jack fan but he did well today
    Main problems
    MERT and RAMBO playing with 9 players is to hard
    Monreal feel sorry for him but he’s no CB
    And the GK he should of shouted to Gibbs get out of the FN way

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    1. Twig

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      1. john0711

        Is that all his fault mate, he gives his all which is more than you can say for a few of our players, he also created our best chance for jack

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        1. GOONSTER

          That’s why I just think most fans one here are just unbelievable…. Sanchez is amazing but he has his own faults, he holds on to the ball too much some times, he loses it a lot in dangerous areas and we are countered..

          Every player has their faults and should be looking to improve.. My goodness, you guys are just unbelievable, once you love a certain player you will absolutely turn a blind eye when it comes to his faults.

          Every player can improve and Sanchez is still learning. He over plays sometimes and we get caught on counters.

          Every single player can improve their game.. It’s not a crime to criticize or point out some weakness in a player even if he is our best.

          Come on guys..

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      2. DanielC1989

        the second goal was bound to happen because we played 2-6-2.. not exactly his fault

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        1. jfqpmzwo

          i thought it was rather 0-1-9
          with the 9 at the front not knowing what to do..
          is it just me, or are we seeing the Moyes’ UTD this season at Arsenal?

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      3. HA559

        So he gives the ball away but where are the fullbacks and the DMF that are supposed to be waiting in our half in case of a breakaway from our corner? Yes I agree Sanchez gave the ball away a few times today maybe on 4 occasions I remember, but that 2nd goal where lost the ball was the only occasion he didn’t run back to win it.

        Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 20 Thumb down 2

        1. GOONSTER

          No one is saying Sanchez is horrible or anything. Guys learn to expect more from our players… All players have to know their weakness and try to address them together with the coaching staff..

          Sanchez is amazing and a class above his team mates, but that does not mean he is complete, players are always trying to improve each game..

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      4. SaveArsenal

        Sanchez has played a lot of game time already.
        He played 2 games midweek, had an 18 hr flight back and then into this match.
        Anyone could see he was tired.
        Down to Wenger for overplaying him again, Wenger knew there were internationals coming, he should have rotated players accordingly.

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    2. proffetic

      Mert had 2 more points than he should have. Monreal played quite well, at least he can run. He was the only player trying to bust a gut chasing Rooney and later De Maria. I thought what was the point in the Sack playing up front when he can’t chase back. Then what would be the point in him staying back because he wouldn’t be any use there either. Fraid Mert can’t get away with anything now ,since Kos has been out……

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  5. Twig

    I really like the idea of Bergkamp as our manager (yes, I’m thinking of our next manager already, got problems with that? :-/ ). It’s a shame he won’t be able to attend many of our away games if it happens though.

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  6. juhislihis

    Not in a single match this season has Ramsey been better than Sanchez. Today was no different.

    Otherwise good ratings, well maybe little bit higher for Gibbs.

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  7. G-Force

    Arsenals league record against Man Utd:

    Played: 12
    Won: 1
    Lost: 8
    Draw: 3

    Against Mourinho in 11 games, Ar$ene can’t even win ONE game!

    And yet this clown is getting paid £8 million! Utterly…USELESS!! He must have been reading comments this website as he got his constipated butt off the bench but what is the point standing up, looking absolutely CLUELESS!!! AW OUT!!!!!

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 83 Thumb down 5

  8. realmike13

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    1. RSH

      haha! you think we played well? Both United and us were terrible. It was such a bad match, wake up. we cant beat good United teams or bad ones because we always find a way to do worse than the opponent.

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  9. Thando

    I cant see us going 4th this season the best position we need is 7th so that we will have time to rebuild with a new mananger next season

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 38 Thumb down 2

    1. RSH

      AKB’s are Wenger fans, not Arsenal fans. Clearly they dont care about our performances or anything besides Wenger staying for god knows what reason..

      Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 31 Thumb down 6

      1. arsenalvienna

        AKB’s are loyal to a man that won us 3 league titles and gave us the best season of a pl club in history. it also took me very long to see the truth. AW was a genius and has done
        a lot for the club. but thats the past. his doesnt know what he is doing anymore and is
        bad influence now to the club. sooner or later every AKB has to come to that conclusion.

        Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 39 Thumb down 2

  10. Aussie Jack

    I saw the last fifteen minutes of the game including Giroud`s `pearler` of a goal. Considering the comments made by the commentators about the first half (which I missed) and the possession rated at 71% Arsenal 29% United I`m confused with the comments I read. Yes, I saw passes going astray but to read the player ratings ,which averaged less than five per player, something is wrong somewhere.

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  11. Andrew AFC

    This isn’t about Wenger or the board anymore, it’s about when the fans are going to wake up and do something.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 35 Thumb down 2

  12. Thando

    Arsenal is in decline and i knew early than some fans that arsenal this season were heading for disaster when we drew 1-1 against leister

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

    1. Andrew AFC

      I knew two years ago and thats how long I have been asking for a protest 🙁 Come on everyone wake up.

      Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

      1. Thando

        @andrew but that liester game showed all arsenal fans what to expect for 2014/2015 seeing sanogo missing every chance presented to him and ozil played on lw.we need those AKB fans on our side to save our club

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        1. Andrew AFC

          Wenger was left a great team, he added a few players and he got lucky as far as I am concerned.

          Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7

          1. Thando

            @andrew i think klopp want to be an arsenal mananger but he wont say it publicly,the guy turned down manu,chelsea and man city we need this guy

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          2. jonestown1

            Yeah, a “great team” that finished 4th, 5th, 10th and 12th in the four seasons before he took over. Knock AW all you like for the past 10 years, fair play, but don’t start the revisionist bulls**t.

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  13. HA559

    Sanchez 3? You must be crazy, out of all but one incident (2nd goal) he ran back everytime when he misplaced a pass.

    Chambers was nowhere to be seen for that 2nd goal we conceded he was supposed to be there with Monreal and Arteta incase Man United broke away. Him, Gibbs and Mert left their position after 60 minutes and went high up the pitch, Monreal was the better defender today.

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  14. Jake the Snake

    I know hates gonna come but I think we defended very well today. To play against United with the likes of Di Maria, Van Persie, Rooney etc and only limit them to two shots on target is quite impressive to me.
    By no stretch of the imagination am I an AKB, in fact I want him gone as soon as possible, but I think our loss today was down to dreadful luck instead of poor management. To concede two from two shots on goal tells it’s own story…

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 16

    1. jfqpmzwo

      until their dirst goal, united didn’t have possesssion in the middle of the park, and their defenders were over anxious, that’s the reason they din have many shots, not because of our “defence”

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  15. mr lean

    I am going to say this only once,please stop knocking Wenger as he has made our players winners,just a shame he has to sell them so they can win the league tittle ! (RVP,cole,clichy,nasri and next cesc)

    Wenger out !

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  16. mr lean

    AKB please answer this,this season we have played the poorest spuds team for years at home and drew and today the poorest Man U team in years and Wenger we trust yeah fu#k off? Wenger out !

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      1. mr lean

        Evening mate sorry not on for long been today as I cannot believe how many fans still cannot see it’s Wenger dragging our great club down,I got abuse from so called fellow Gooners for shouting Wenger out at the end of the game ,We are no where near winning a league title with this stubborn fool in charge.
        I’m so angry and p#ssed of with the state of the club I love.

        To many say protest yet when we do we get turned on by our own,this is so so wrong.

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        1. Andrew AFC

          TC I will speak to you soon. I have got to get some sleep and hopefully I will wake up from this nightmare.

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  17. ronniec

    When you have 70%.of possession and can’t outscore the opponents, it is just bad. Dare someone said we played good football.

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  18. JAmerican

    Stopped watching after Rooney scored, the moment you realize when it doesn’t bother you that you lose and start to expect it is when you know it’s gotten real bad…

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    GIBBS has did that own goal but he was not bad at all.. SZNY came for a ball Gibbs had covered, SZNY caused that confusion in the box..

    And I think Wilshere was not that bad too, I know he is not everyone’s favorite but I think we lost our drive from midfield the moment he came off..

    MERTESACKER, I kept screaming and and punching my couch everytime he pushed up, what the hell? He knows he gives us nothing in defense and definitely can’t offer anything upfront, so I don’t know why he kept pushing up. This is where I think Wenger and Bould are being exposed, they can always see us playing suicidal football defensively but never ask the DM, CBs and Fullbacks to be more cautious.

    Why can’t they shout or send instructions from the touchline? But after we have lost then they come out with the same old we were naive and pushed up too much.. If you can see them pushing up too much why not stop it?


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    1. jfqpmzwo

      agree.. easily Mert’s worst performance I have seen
      and yes, no one was shouting anything from the touchline, at least the cameras din catch that..
      and seeing AW’s press conf as well, aybe something’s really there in the rumors…

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  20. prekowski

    Arsenal can’t beat anyone on the top half of the table. We are in a relaxation battle

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  21. Dennis

    Klopp plays only one way just like arsene, that’s why dortmund is sitting at 15th in the bundesliga. So, i really hope arsenal fans wise up and wake up from this dream. The only man who can work with a small budget and has shown he is adaptable, a general, a barking lion is none other than diego simeone. He’s the only man for the job, after all they don’t call him El Cholo for no reason he’s right up there with giants like barca/madrid after losing his top striker and first team LB.

    We need to give him whatever wenger earns (8 million) he’s making (2 mil) right now. Pay the man the money and sign him up for 3 years with option to renew. End of story.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 2

    1. jfqpmzwo

      whoa… i really don’t understand this.. klopp and simeone here?
      ppl do be realistic when stupendous rumors regarding players are floated around.. but i wonder they aren’t so when it is about managers..

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  22. DCgooning

    Im more of a Wenger Out but i don’t blame him for this performance. I think this one was down to the players. Wilshere should have finished but so should some other players. We dominated the game and should have won or drew. Wilshere has got to release the ball quicker i called it from the first 5′ he’s exposing his body too much, and he ends up getting hurt unfortunately. Thought sanchez was a little lazier than usual today but I’m sure they are all fatigued.

    Klopp would be ideal, and they tied today so theyre doing poor. Also think simeone would be great, we need aggression, drive, and vision. We need to get rid of some of these AM and get real wingers, cmd, and dms. Sell off podolski since wenger doesn’t want to play him. Tell santi to either be a squad player at backup no. 10. or sell him and try to fetch 15 mil, 10 mil for podolski. use that for someone like shaqiri. that can score, cross, play on the wing.

    Sign khedira in janurary. he will add mentality, class, power, and he can hurt ozil
    Scniederlin > Kondogbia > Carvalho
    Sign Schar and maybe reid/virgi.
    unrealistic to expect humbles at arsenal right now (janurary) unless klopp is coming in thee summer

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  23. greekgunner

    and now what?? whats our goal?? finished again in 4th place???and its only november…

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  24. WengerOut

    The only true arsenal group for fans is justarseno. The officially known groups probably are run by Kroenke’s p*ssy. So fellow gunners how are we going to push fast the dismissal of that old sturbon joke of a manager. From Kilimanjaro Tanzania

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  25. jfqpmzwo

    Arteta MOTM, not sure..
    of course, it seems we need to pick MOTM from who performs less worse than actually picking the best man on the pitch for us
    but yes, Rooney’s marking and closing down Arteta after United’s goal did affect our tempo

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  26. GoonerG1

    Ox was my man of the match. Chambers and Arteta also played well. I don’t get all the hate for the defenders. Man U had one shot on target the whole game and that was on a counter. The three players who killed us were Ramsey, Wilshere and Carzola.

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  27. mesuts eyes

    Ridiculous ratings. It seems that you just give players a score only based on the match result, regardless of the performance. Agreed, result is the most important thing here, but you make it sound like we played awful, when in truth we were quite unlucky. Wilshere should be 6, both chambo and chambers were great, give them 8’s, and Gibbs a 2??? He played a solid match, but characterized with an unlucky bounce.

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