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Positive injury update suggests Arsenal ARE getting it right

With the international break seeming to have further devastated the Arsenal squad with more injuries to players, there was inevitably going to be questions asked about what is going on with the fitness and medical areas of the club.

But the latest injury update from Arsene Wenger, reported by, is actually quite positive and reveals that quite a few of the players are due to be available for selection a lot sooner than previously thought. And they include some key players like Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud.

The Welshman is not going to be in the match day squad for Saturday and the visit of Hull City, but he will travel to Belgium on Wednesday to face Anderlecht in the Champions League, a fortnight before his original return date. And Walcott could also be involved in that game, as he is due to play for the under 21s tomorrow.

Two players who will be able to face Hull, according to the Frenchman, are the club captain Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky, whose serious sounding injury problem turns out to be only a contact injury. Also, Yaya Sanogo and Serge Gnabry are close to being fit and Giroud’s comeback will be sooner than expected, while Laurent Koscielny will not need surgery for his ankle problem.

So maybe the medical and fitness staff at Arsenal are getting it right after all. Let’s hope so Gooners.

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33 thoughts on “Positive injury update suggests Arsenal ARE getting it right

    1. Budd

      Ah you fickle fans! Now you miss Ozil. That’s good, it just shows what kind of people you really are.

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  1. JDodge

    Walcott being out for over 9 months will most definitely feel like a new signing in someways. He and Sanchez with Welbeck upfront is just mesmerising. Once we have a fully fit squad, you realise how strong this team is.

    Personally, we have the best midfield in the BPL by far.

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  2. medvet

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    1. Andrew AFC

      If we are short on pace in defence, I have got a solution his called Hector.

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  3. Andrew AFC

    The only thing we are missing is a world class left winger to be the best.

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  4. Andrew AFC

    Podolski, Cazorla, Wilshere, Camberlain,and Ozil haven’t worked on the left wing. The only player we haven’t tried is Campbell and if that doesn’t work we need to sell a few players and buy one that does.

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    1. Andrew AFC

      Campbell wouldn’t be forcing a move if he was played. Maybe he needs to be given the chance on the left wing.

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      1. Andrew AFC

        We haven’t got a Hazard or a Reus at the moment, so why not give someone a chance that might be better if they were given a chance.

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  5. Andrew AFC

    Lets get back to the old times. It feels like Wenger has lost his bottle.

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    1. atid

      Totally agree, let’s go back to 4411 served wenger well in his first 9 years at the club.
      Walcott and sanchez = pires and overmars
      Ramsey and wilshire = vieira and petit
      Ozil and welbeck = bergkamp and henry.

      For me if he can get those 6 comparisons right we will have an awesome team. At the moment half the six are missing so I would bring in chamberlain rosicky and cazorla against the likes of Hull, but against united if they are still missing I would have diaby in the midfield.

      Szczesney, debuchy, mertesacker, koscielny, gibbs bar a real colossus leader is a decent back 5.

      Sure we will still need a Gilberto type player for some matches and we definitely need an adams/campbell type to lead the side. But the rest of the squad when fit is far better than the squad players we had back in those days.

      Fitness is the key, no more injuries.

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  6. Ronny331

    Better news than we all feared. W, also hear ozil coukd be aix weeks not 12. Wenger trying to appease the fans today at the agm? I’ll hold gim to these dates! Hayden at per at the weekend then, oh sh*te!! Poldi will and should be allowed to move on, campbell must be played in some of thw impending games, if he doesn’t appear on the pitch in the next three weeks with all the injuries we have we know he’ll be gone come Jan, love to know what wengers thinking re JC.

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    1. Andrew AFC

      Ozil needs the fans support to make him even better. I think he’s a players that needs to be appriciated.

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      1. Thando

        Even the d##k coach of chelsea said the same words but some dont get it,some are saying we should sell him and i can bet with my money that the chelsea coach would want to buy him

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        1. Andrew AFC

          It’s called man management, which some Arsenal fans can’t get their heads around. Ozil will prove most of you wrong. GO ON OZIL YOU CAN BECOME A LEDGEN.

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  7. Ronny331

    Also its great to get injured players back sooner but now we need ro work on understanding root causes and prevention for the future. Also AW Needs to get smarter at rotating players.

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  8. Andrew AFC

    Goodnight all, and cheer on the Gunners, it’s not about who you like it’s about the team.

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  9. royalman

    Injury is assisting in rotating d player, lol. If player impress d coach ll use him.

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  10. Hafiz Rahman

    nothing is positive….

    we should have resign Fab and 3 more defenders to provide cover….

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  11. ruelando

    Did Wenger answer the important questions , i doubt it. The longer you sit on a bench the more you lose competitive interest in a game. If players are not good enough why keep them, is not it detrimental to their development. when you have a gun, once you put it down it begins to rust.

    If it was not for injuries some players would not see the football field much less the bench, then we ask why we get so much injuries

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