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Wenger – Jenkinson WILL play for Arsenal

Following a lot of speculation over the future of Carl Jenkinson, the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has stated that he wishes to retain the services of the young full-back, but he is unsure whether he will return to Arsenal for next season or the one after.

The Englishman, who has been on loan at West Ham this season, has made 33 appearances for the East London side, becoming a mainstay of Sam Allardyce’s team. Over the course of the season, Jenkinson has been in great form and it seems as though Wenger has been impressed enough to keep him on the Arsenal books.

Speaking to the Press ahead of Monday night’s clash with Swansea, Le Prof was quoted as saying: “I met Carl this week to speak about his future. We will sit down together at the end of the season,”

“My target is to keep him here at the club. He had a great season for me and he has moved forward and overall he has gained a lot of confidence.

“The decision I have to make is do I bring him back now or does he need one more year now to play somewhere in the Premier League? That is not decided yet.

“That’s what I have to decide at the end of the season. He needs experience.

“Carl is a young, very promising right-back with top quality and he had a good year where he has really moved forward. It’s important that, if he comes back, he has a good chance to play.”

In my opinion, I think Wenger’s got it spot on. Jenkinson has had a very good season playing for the Hammers and I firmly believe that he deserves more opportunities to try and make it at Arsenal. However, I think that he may need to go out on loan once again next season as a result of Arsene Wenger’s abundance of options at right-back.

With Mathieu Debuchy likely to leave at the end of next season to fulfil his desire to finish his career at Lyon, I think Jenko should be brought in after the end of next season which will see him compete with young Hector Bellerin for the right-back slot. Personally, I really want to see Jenko succeed at Arsenal, he is the one player amongst our ranks who is a lifelong supporter of the club.

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31 thoughts on “Wenger – Jenkinson WILL play for Arsenal

  1. muffdiver

    still unconvinced by jenko- yes i know hes done well at west ham, but like gibbs theres still important things missing from his game.
    want him to succeed,

    ot- whats all this schneiderlin to arsenal talk- more bs?

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    1. Jogon

      its going to be hard for Jenks to get a short in that position especially if Bellerin keeps improving. This kid is just a pure footballer.

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      1. atid

        On top of that if tafari moore picks up where he left off after he recovers from his injury, all the right backs had better watch out.

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  2. Aamay

    Jenko still has a future at Arsenal..He’s matured a lot this season..
    Off Topic..Manure have bought Depay..Its time for The Ox to show his true potential.. Depays goal record is good..The Ox must step up now..Repay the faith wenger put in him by starting him in place of Walcott..I feel like Ox is more a complete player than Depay..he’s a better dribbler and is very strong and mature for his age..Just he needs to improve his end product..

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    1. Darwin

      Yes. Also The combination of Ox and Bellarin on the right is something I want to see. Feel they can be one of the best RW-FB partners in future if they do well.

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  3. Darwin

    1. Will Carl play for us enough games next season?
    2. Should he develop more on loan?

    looks like Arsene is covering the bases we fans have been asking about Jenkinson. So hope all goes well.

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  4. Greg

    Looking forward to a crystal palace upset over man u today, giving them their 4th loss in a row!

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  5. muffdiver

    shouts out to ronaldo giving 5 million to nepal.


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    1. No10

      The guy who thumbed you down needs his head checked…

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  6. uncolonised

    gud day to da just arsenal family am a new member here and am happy to be part of da family

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  7. CraigZWE

    The 10 most valuable football teams:

    1. Real Madrid $3.26
    2. Barcelona $3.16
    3. Manchester United $3.10
    4. Bayern Munich $2.35
    5. Manchester City $1.38
    6. Chelsea $1.37
    7. Arsenal $1.31
    8. Liverpool $982
    9. Juventus $837
    10. AC Milan $775

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  8. CraigZWE

    Were only the 4th most wealthy club in PL.

    7th in world.

    United, City and Chelsea ahead of us.

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      1. CraigZWE

        Reals revenue is $736 million past season.

        How can we compete with that?

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        1. muffdiver

          i dunno.

          how did athletico compete with it?
          how did porto?
          how did dortmund?
          how did inter?

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            1. muffdiver

              crikey – did i say that?

              your very crafty craig-il give u that lol

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          1. jonestown1

            I appreciate you guys are on the wind up, but…..

            Dortmund – second richest team in Germany winning title 3 times in 20 years sounds about right to me.

            Atletico – third richest team in Spain winning La Liga once in 20 years sounds bit underwhelming to be honest.

            How ARE Inter would be a better question.

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        2. No10

          If we can prevent them from winning trophies their earnings will drop.

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  9. Mick The Gooner

    Only way I can see Jenkinson fitting in is when Debuchy leaves. Jenko can be second choice to Bellerin and Chambers can be a CB.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      @Mick The Gooner
      I see Jenks as a better CB than Chambers…

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  10. Gundam

    Would make a good backup for Bellerin in the futures. Would loan him.

    On the other hand. I would like to see a young LB join the side. Gibbs is too injury prone and still looks average. Monreal is doing well but isn’t young. I wonder if Arsenal were really looking at that gaya kid.

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  11. GoonerG1

    Jenks is an insurance policy. Debuchy isn’t getting old and Bellerin could bolt for Barcelona. Lone him out for another year.

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    1. CraigZWE

      I can see Bellerin being loyal as long as we can challenge for trophies.
      I think we have many loyal players at the moment.

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  12. No10

    Great news imho, send him to Koeman next year with a midfielder (Bielik or Zelalem) and get Morgan in exchange.

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  13. YingYang69

    Jenk was saying how fed up he was sitting on bench. I have an inkling that Jenk would rather start every week at a mid table club rather than sit second choice with us.

    I think GoonerG1 made a good point on the insurance policy as i have an inkling also that Bellerin will bolt one day.. i hope im wrong on both cases but its plausible.

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  14. seruwagi

    I love this Jenks, much and we have a promising young team coming up together, i would let Dupuchy Go, and stay with these young ones who have shown what they can do 8 years from now, and let, This Guy is asset for Arsenal, preserved for the next dream team.

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  15. ruelando

    Many would say i am crazy, jenkinson should be our first choice rightback, i also said that before the start of this season Debuchy was not needed, i still feel he is still not needed, it should be bellerin and jenkinson fighting for that right back position.
    Bellerin also is an accomplish winger and could do a fabulous job for us , however its left to Wenger to make his decision

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