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Wenger’s reaction to a brilliant Arsenal win!

Arsene Wenger had a big smile on his face after Arsenal’s impressive performance in today’s Charity Shield, but he is well aware that the serious business starts next week against Crystal Palace. He was at least happy with our first half performance….

Wenger said on “I felt we had a complete performance in the first half as long as we had the legs to sustain what we wanted to do. In the second half our togetherness and the third goal got us through. We defended well, we lost a bit more of the ball than in the first half and our movements were less fluent but we kept the spirit and organisation. The first half was very exciting.

“To win today gives us a positive platform to prepare but now the Premier League starts and we have to start well at home because it’s a derby, it’s a very uncomfortable team [we face in Crystal Palace]. It will be a different kind of game as well. Let’s be on our toes and prepare well but it was important to win today.

“You want to win the game and you want to look at the quality of the performance as well. I think it was important for our confidence to win the game but it was as well even more important to have a big part in the game with a quality performance. That is the comfort for me to see that we can produce the kind of quality we can produce for some long patches in the game.

Arsenal have become renowned in recent seasons for falling apart when it comes to the top rival teams in the Premiership, but today proved that they can hold their own even against the Premier League Champions. “That’s why it was important for us today not to lose the game.” Wenger continued. “On that front we know that last year we were very consistent against the teams outside the top six and not consistent against the top six teams. The year before it was reversed so let’s hope that this year it will be right on both sides.”

Postive thinking Arsene, that’s the way forward! Let’s keep this going all the way to next May!


43 thoughts on “Wenger’s reaction to a brilliant Arsenal win!

    1. eNAE.berg

      Please true gunners , lets call a spade a spade , Cazorla is better playing the no. 10 than ozil so lets not try to make excuses why Ozil should start . Because he doesn’t deserve to play ahead of Cazorla to be very honest.. Its Arsenal i support not the players…
      Please be honest within urselfs bcos de sentiments on here made me leave this site for a while.. Cazorla deserves to start ahead of Ozil..

      1. Wazzzimbo

        Don’t be so fickle minded. Cazorla started out on the left, he aways drifts into the middle because Wenger gives the front 6 a free role…

  1. Aussie Jack

    Most important result. The trophy is less important than the psychological effect it will have. Both sides had players missing and, if I read the stats correctly, City held 52% procession and had more strikes on goal which goes to prove it`s what you do with the ball rather than how long you hold on to it (an old arsenal trend). Can only get better once we`ve cast off the summer rust.

    1. Mick The Gooner

      I don’t think Touré will be anywhere near as good this season. Ramsey will out score him. I’d bet on it.

  2. Alex.Aus

    3 things stood out for me yesterday.
    1. Cazorla is brilliant when playing through the middle.
    2. Sanogo’s movement and ability to harass defenders is a real joy to watch. His awkwardness is also quite entertaining.
    3. We are a completely different side when we have pace up front. No disrespect to giroud because h s finish was nothing short of brilliant but it was clear how different we were with sanogo leading the lines.
    Getting a dm who can play cb is definately a necessity. I would ratahr a dm who can play cb over just a cb as chambers has been the most impressive player in preseason. So technically the cdm will be 4th. Still feel the need for a lw as our squad still packs the talent on the left that our right has in abundance.

      1. GunnerJack

        You were right first time. Arsenal PACKS the talent on the left in the shape of Alexis and the Ox! Theo and Serge on the right. Joel filling in as and when needed on either flank.

    1. Mick The Gooner

      I’d rather a DM that can play as 4th choice CB too. It’s not exactly unheard of.. Javi Martinez does it all the time for Bayern. Plus we only have 1 more place left in our 25 man squad.

    1. Darlingbudsofarse

      @Nikhiliesh Maiya:
      You commented that you literally shouted at Giroud’s belter; I can tell you now that each member of my family (7 in total and all Arsenal fans) screamed at that goal. We thankfully are recovering our voices a day later. It was that good!!! 3-0!!! Up the goonern!!! And for those moaners who think it is only pre-season Charity Shield, I say to them: Go get a life! 3-0!!! How sweet!!!

  3. Andrew U

    I’m pleased that Arsenal beat Man City, but it was not their best team and it counted for ZERO points.

      1. kanaka

        Caballero = £4 million
        Kolarov = £16 million
        Boyata = youth
        Nastasic = £12 million
        Clichy = £7 million
        Toure = £24 million
        Fernando = £12 million
        Nasri = £25 million
        Navas = £14.9 million
        Jovetic = £22 million
        Dzeko = £27 million


        Silva = £24 million
        Richards = youth
        Sinclair = £6.2 million
        Milner = £26 million

        £220m worth of players. But no, City put out their B-team/reserve team.

        Pundits and fans harp on about City’s depth but then conveniently cast it aside when they lose.


        1. ArseneIsYourDaddy

          Thanks, my calculations were off. I estimated 184 million. City has no B team period !

    1. mohawk

      Fans know what this win was and what it was not. They are sharp enough to know it.

      Should we not allow the fans to enjoy this one win.

      If Arsenal win, then the game was not really important. If Arsenals, they suck and are not strong enough to beat good teams.

      Let the fans enjoy the win for what it was.

    2. ArseneIsYourDaddy

      City has no team B. City has good players at every position.
      There was 184 MILLION worth of players on City’s team for the game. 184 fecking million in transfer fees. How the hell is that a weak team?

  4. MK3

    Why are people so negative…if it was not the best Man city team ….then we were also without Ozil and BFG…..we were without Kos for the second half….they had Silva, Navas, Nasri, Yaya ……. and still we kept a clean sheet….what else you want…… stop moaning….. We all know it was a community shield ….. but loosing it would have felt much frustrating and depressing …..believe me…. for now enjoy the shield…. and prepare for PL’s first encounter…. Palace here we come……!!!! COYG!!!

    1. Hafiz Rahman

      its only a friendly….if this was a EPL game or a champ league then the outcome may be diff

  5. Mick The Gooner

    From their starting lineup, City were only missing 4 players – Kompany, Demichelis, Zabaleta and Aguero. Not counting Fernandinho as a miss because they rotate that position a lot anyways.

    We were missing 3 – Özil, Walcott and Mertesacker. Also Podolski who starts regularly but looks like he won’t be this season.

    Man City are meant to be the juggernaut, the big ‘strong squad and strength in depth’ team, remember listening to that all last season? They lose 4 players and its an entirely different story. Plus Aguero was out injured a lot last season, so they’re used to not playing him anyways. We were playing without main players for large patches last season, we didn’t cry about it when we lost. It’s how it works.

    I’m not saying this is a major win, neither side was at full strength, but it’s not like we scraped a win over their B team. 3-0 is a comprehensive victory, at Wembley.

    1. Gundam

      *not counting Fernandiniho because he is a rubbish player and was one of the worst players at the world cup.

  6. mohawk

    Stats show that City’s defense is better with DeMichelis. I was surprised at that until I realized what it really revealed.

    When DeMichelis is on the pitch, Nastasic is usually NOT on the pitch. That is difference. Their defense is better WITHOUT Nastasic.

    That little fact and just one look at Nastasic’s performance in the CS should answer all questions about him. He is not good – don’t acquire him.

    1. Hafiz Rahman

      Sign Nastasic….Wenger will transform him just like fans believe Balotelli will be transformed…

    2. Wazzzimbo

      That is such a daft statement. The reason those stats even exist is because Nastasic played when mainly in cup games where they fielded other youngsters and hence lost more. Heck Liverpool have a better win % and average ppg without Suarez then they did with him in the team, does that he mean he is rendered useless? Nastasic wasn’t even that bad yesterday, Boyata just made him look terrible, and to be so deluded and judge a player on one game is ludicrous.

  7. TongaBull

    When is that chap @CJ…. The man who last year told us Mvilla has signed for Arsenal. Remember him people,the one who claimed to have an inside informer. So parthetic.

  8. Darlingbudsofarse

    To think that Ramsey cost £5M? I wonder what his value is in the current crazy market; what a buy? Plz Wenger give him an improved contract now before Octupus Madrid comes knocking next year! We however need at least 2 more players, most importantly a DM as Arteta (our new Captain – and I think Le Prof got it wrong again here- why has he never got it right with his selection of our Captains after Henry), doesn’t cut it for me!

  9. leo

    arsenal in crisis haven’t won a title for last 12 hours
    sanchez left barca to win trophies + 18 players have won a title since sagna left
    great result for us wenger did say he will bring in players who can play in diff pos we still need astriker cb & cdm if we get them pl title is ours

  10. leo

    France coach Didier Deschamps says Samir Nasri should “consider the women’s national team” after his retirement. LOOOL

  11. kia

    The best part of this win for me was that, before the game, Cashri went running his mouth again… No better way to shut him up! He got what he deserved from the crowd every time he touched the ball!

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