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Wenger – The League table is very tight!

It doesn’t seem very long ago that Arsene Wenger practically conceded that Chelsea were nailed on to win the Premier League this season, although the Arsenal boss has also often stated that the title race is far from over despite Man City and Jose Mourinho’s men opening up a gap at the top.

Now that the Gunners are only a meagre(!) 15 points behind our London neighbours (and 12 behind City) Wenger has decided to relax his opinion on the state of the title race. He said on the Arsenal official website: “I don’t give importance to the table at the moment,”

“There’s 20 games to go.

“It’s very tight and it’s down to consistency now. We know every game now is down to consistency and reproducing the performances. We need to prepare quickly, focus quickly and that is an ability we want to show at West Ham.

“The plan is to sleep well and recover. We want to stay in the game. We’ll train on Saturday morning and on Saturday night we go to the hotel. It’s very quick and interesting as well.”

Le Prof may not be interested in the table right now, but the fact is that we are just one point below today’s opponents West Ham, and two points below Southampton in fourth, so if he is saying that the table is tight then he surely must be talking about the fight for the last Champions League place, because that must surely be our objective.

These two away games in the next four days have suddenly become very very crucial and I dread to think of where we will be if we don’t win both of them….

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25 thoughts on “Wenger – The League table is very tight!

  1. dboy

    Wenger says he does not pay attention to the league at the moment. Looks like he hasn’t been paying attention from the start. No wonder we so far behind Chelsea and Man City. He’s really something special (ADD). #Wengerout! !

    Hope we win though. COYG!!

  2. Rockylegendliveson

    Wenger talks about reproducing performances but I can only remember Newcastle and Galatasary where we actually played well. Too often this year we have drawn or just scraped wins. We have not played well this year. In fact consistently poorly Mr Wenger.

    1. atid

      Whether we have played well or not, we have lost just once in our last 8 matches. From the comments on here you would think we have only won 1 and lost 7.

      1. jt

        yet we’re still 6th behind southampton and west ham and fifteen points off the top, I can understand the frustration

        1. davidnz

          Next few rounds top 8 all have
          tough games so there will
          be a shuffling of the pack.
          Wins against WHam Sotn Stoke and City
          would see us surge into 4th even 3rd.
          Draws and losses could see us dip as low as 10th.
          Lets get ready to RUMBLEEEEEEEE

  3. Tidan2

    and when we do look dominant like against QPR we don’t get enough goals (or get a red) so that it’s still always a mad scramble at the end where we completely lose control of the game.

    We should be working for a 2 goal advantage before even thinking about slowing the game down; that’s how you prevent end of game nervousness and that’s how you go into your next game high in confidence. Don’t tell me digging in and winning 2-1 after a scrappy last 20 minutes shows “determination” or “grit” because in reality all it does is make everyone nervous that the same thing will happen in the next match; it breeds a “must keep onto this lead” mentality as opposed to the much better “we are better, we played better, we deserve to win this and we will show everyone why.”

  4. Trudeau

    Goes against my head but my gut says Welbeck will have a big game this afternoon. Could just be the curry from last night though.

  5. goonergaz2000

    Well wenger you should take notice of the league table from the first game because every game we loose that’s yet another freeking 3 points we lose to the likes Chelsea man.c etc..Fail to get 6 points from the next 2 away games and we can kiss goodbye to 4th place.

  6. jonestown1

    “These should be 6 straightforward points” – right there is why there are always gonna be so many unhappy and deluded Gooners. I would have thought everyone by now would be fully clued up on the PL – 3 pts away are gold dust and not easy at any of the other 19 grounds. Everyone is saying Chelsea are the dogs b”***cks etc and they haven’t won in 4 of their 9 PL away fixtures this season. Man City ditto. So if the top boys are barely scraping a 50% win ration away from home why have we got “straightforward” points on offer?

  7. LoCkAy

    “Wenger – The League table is very tight”
    We are ALREADY out of the league trophy in December and no one finds it unacceptable and sad… We are supposed to win the league in 2017 (another date with the future… Heard that before, lying c*nt!), but how… I just cannot see Sanchez, Cazorla, Ozil or even Koscielny being at the club in 2 years time… Not a chance!

    Wenger is just dreaming or lying to himself or the fans…!

    At £8millions/year, it is just incomprehensible and basically wrong that this manager cannot deliver trophies, major trophies on a regular basis…

    And they were talking about him managing Real M and PSG (still to be proven… Another newspapers stunt not confirmed by both clubs)… He would have not last 5 mins in those clubs… Real M sacked Del Bosque after he did the double league/Cup…!!
    Wenger signed a new lucrative contract (“mugs”) after winning the “small” FA cup !!!

    Let’s keep it real.
    This club cannot win the league and I just cannot see us doing it for the next 5 years… Again we won’t be able to keep our best players (because better teams will “ask” for them) and remember that we still have the same “deluded” and clueless manager.

    I feel sorry and apprehensive for the next manager… He will have to do some serious rebuilding and coaching. The all managerial staff (coaching and medical) is just a farce and incompetence is a culture…!!

    But hey! Don’t need to panic we are still in course for top four… The only and unique objective (need to get that money though).

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