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Arsenal sign ‘biggest ever’ shirt sponsorship deal

Arsenal’s relationship with the Emirates airline has been ongoing for 12 years now and is being extended for yet another five years in a deal being described as one of the ‘biggest ever’ in world football. The sponsorship, the largest ever signed by the club and one of the biggest ever agreed in football, gives the airline a 5-year extension to their shirt partnership with the club until the end of the 2023-2024 season.

Kroenke makes it clear Arsenal is NOT for sale

Arsenal fans were left “galvanised”, to quote legend Ian Wright there, at the fact that rumours suggested Alisher Usmanov had made a bid to buy out Stan Kroenke’s shares at Arsenal.

Arsenal fans should be excited about Usmanov bid!

It’s no secret that the club is in desperate need of change. The Gunners have had the same manager and most of the same coaching staff and managerial support for the last twenty years and to no surprise it’s starting to go stale.

Arsenal’s Kroenke is Third biggest investor in the Premier League

A new graphic from SBO looks into the owners of Premier League football teams, and just how much they’ve paid into their clubs – with the top figure being £2 billion, Roman Abramovich’s investment into Chelsea FC.

If you’ve ever held aspirations of owning a football club in the Premier League, you might have to win the lottery a few times.

Expect more protests from Arsenal fans over ticket prices

There has always been more discontent over prices of Season tickets and entrance fees at Arsenal, not only because we are the most expensive football ground to visit in the world, but because we get less rewards, in terms of trophies, for the outrageous prices our club charges.

Arsenal aiming to help Kenya to reach the World Cup Finals!

Arsenal’s latest sponsorship deal takes hem to Kenya, which has a very large number of Gooners in their ranks. The Gunners have teamed up with SportPesa as the official betting partner in Kenya, and they will be joining together to offer club merchandise as well as tickets to go to the Emirates to see their favourite club in action.

Are Arsenal finally paying back their season ticket holders?

The biggest gripe of Arsenal fans that go to the Emirates for every game for the last god-knows-how-many years is that they have been paying the highest prices in the world, but have not been rewarded by the ambition of the club on the pitch. The taunts about Arsene Wenger’s sole ambition being to make the Top Four to generate more money for the club rather than actually trying to go the whole hog and win the League.

Arsenal increase ties with Indonesian fans

Arsenal are continuing their commercial agreements with companies in the Asian sector by announcing a partnership with the Bank Muamalat, whereby they can offer Arsenal-related goods to Indonesian fans and even run some coaching courses on the islands in partnership with the Muslim Bank.